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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the hottest trend in the beauty industry. Imagine having long, luscious, full eyelashes 24/7 without the time consuming chore of applying mascara every morning. You can wake up looking "done"!

  • ARIA Full Set Eyelash Extensions (120 minutes): $255
    Aria Custom Eyelash Extensions: a mix of techniques to create a set of eyelash extensions specific to you. If your not sure what style of lashes you would like or want something natural with a little extra volume, try this set;
  • Volume Lashes Full Set (3 hours): $305
    Volume Lashes Full Set: a slightly enhanced version of your natural lashes. 1 eyelash attached to each one of your top lashes. ( 1:1) This set is often used simply to replace the use of mascara and a curler;
  • Returning Full Set (120 minutes): $205
  • Classic Touch Up (60 minutes): $75
  • Volume Touch Up (90 minutes): $105
  • Classic Touch Up Plus (90 minutes): $100
  • Classic Express Touch Up (30 minutes): $55

ARIA MediSpa specializes in all things eyelashes. Your eyelash health is very important to us and our superior care and high standards ensure our clients’ well being and eyelash health. Our proven artistic approach and professional eyelash technicians assure you and your lashes look your very best.


Why Eyelashes:
Transform short, thin natural lashes into long, beautiful, luscious lashes.
Long lasting, weightless and comfortable to wear.
Turn any ordinary eyes into gleaming, dazzling, and alluring eyes that look and feel natural.
Perfect for all special occasions includ­ing weddings and parties.
Perfect for women who workout at the gym and for contact wearers.
No more need for mascara or eyelash curling.
Safe in showers or swimming pools.


1. Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with a mild, oil free cleanser.
2. Do not use oil based makeup removers to clean your lashes prior to the application.
3. Do not put on any mascara.
4. Do not curl your lashes.
5. Remove your contact lenses or bring a contact lens case.


What Are Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash extension is an advanced technique that lengthens and thickens eyelashes. They are single strands of lashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. We use only quality extensions in faux mink and silk. You will feel the difference.

How will they look and feel?
When applied by our skilled technicians they will look completely natural, only much longer and fuller. They will feel like your own eyelashes. We do not count lashes, we will add as many or as few as needed to create the right look for you.

How long will my Eyelash Extensions Last?
When properly applied and cared for, your eyelash extensions will last for four to six weeks.

What is a fill and how often should I get one?
After your initial set of eyelash extensions you will receive instructions on how to care for them. Fills are done every three to four weeks depending on care and how quickly your eyelashes grow. An eyelash extension fill take a shorter time to do and the prices reflect that.

Why do I lose some of my eyelashes?
Due to the natural growth cycle of your lashes you will find your natural eyelashes shed every 60-90 days as new ones grows in. We recommend getting a fill every three to four weeks to fill in lashes on the new growth.

Will extensions damage my eyelashes?
Yes and no. Yes, your lashes can be damaged if you go to someone who was not properly trained and uses cheap products not intended for long wear. No, extensions properly applied by a certified, trained technician who uses quality products should not. Our eyelash extension application techniques and innovative aftercare ensures your lash health.

A friend of mine is allergic to the products, is this common?
True allergic reactions do happen, but are rare. If you have developed an allergic reaction you may still wear extensions with some changes made to the aftercare process. What is more common is eye infection due to improperly washing and caring for your lashes. Waiting 24 hours to wash lashes and not washing your eyelashes the entire time you wear them are the most common causes of infections. Imagine not washing the head on your hair for weeks or months. This is the most common reason wearers lose their lashes prematurely.

Will I still need to use mascara?
No, you will not need to use mascara with your lash extensions, but for nights that you want extra drama you can use a water-based mascara. We carry several brands to choose from. We also offer a service to add a semi-permanent mascara that lasts seven to ten days. See the aftercare section below for tips on using mascara.


  1. Do not get your eyelashes wet for the first two hours.
  2. Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
  3. Avoid swimming, steam rooms, and hot saunas for the next 48 hours. Extreme heat is not recommended.
  4. Do not use an eyelash curler, perm, or tint the extension lashes; this will break down the bond.
  5. Do not use regular or waterproof mascara. Mas­cara contains conditioning properties and oil which will break down the adhesive.
  6. Take special care around the eye area. Gently cleanse the eye area and do not scrub or rub your eyes. Avoid any type of oil based cleanser.

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