If you’re new to a hot yoga practice, don’t be intimidated. It’s not all that scary and people of all ages and abilities can attend and enjoy it. For all you newbees, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to help you out.

Start with the basics.
For your first class, we recommend starting with Traditional Hot to see how you like the heat. Yes, it’s intense and it’s not for everyone – but you will get used to it surprisingly fast.

Be prepared.
Bring a mat, towel and water or rent or buy them at the studio. Show up at least 15 minutes before your class, and if you can, fill out your waiver form online first.

Know the etiquette.
This means removing your shoes when you walk in; staying quiet when you’re in the studio space; turning your cell phone off; and not wearing perfumes or fragrances. Learn more here.

Score a deal.
Try a drop-in, or enjoy our one-time offer for newcomers: $35 gets you a week of unlimited classes and you can bring your friends for free. It’s a great way to truly immerse yourself and see how hot yoga can fit into your weekly schedule. If you’d like to try more than one class, this is the way to go.

Take it easy.
Don’t be scared off by the heat – but don’t push yourself too hard, either. Go at your own pace and listen to your body over the instructor. You don’t have to do everything your first time! If you need a break, this is important – STAY IN THE ROOM. Just lay down and chill out for a few minutes. If you do leave, the instructor will probably stop the class to come see if you’re ok.

Hydrate, and hydrate some more.
Drink water during the day and before class, and bring enough water with you intothe room.  Adding electrolytes can be a great too.  As with any exercise, do not have heavy meal within a couple hours of class.  A snack within an hour is great though, and will keep your energy up.

Give us your feedback.
Send us an email after class and tell us what you liked – and what you didn’t. We always want to make our studio even better.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Day time classes are always quieter.  Evenings can busier, but some people really enjoy the energy a full room brings. Try out both if you can, and see what works for you.
  • Wear clothes that are not too loose, and not too bulky.
  • Oh, and: you will sweat. We guarantee it.


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