Detox Weight Loss Packages

Rejuvenation package – One day  $600

At Aria Wellness Center we use new anti-ageing solutions that are able to slow down the ageing process using internal body sources. This program design for anyone who want to be guided through the main concepts of the ageing process and for those who want to restore their body’s natural balance.

Energy Balance Package – Three Days $2,255

Restoration of energy balance is designed to re-establish balanced level of energy that was damage by by stress, anxiety, a poor diet and disturbed sleep. This program eliminates overweight feeling, fatigue and restores healthy lifestyle.

Detox Weight Loss Package – Seven Days $5,145

Detox program based on the concept of natural detoxification and deep cleansing of the body using new methods as of Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy, Seaweed Wrap Dry Float Florence, Sauna Venik Ritual Experience, Sharko Jet Contrast Shower, Lymph Drainage Massage, Float Therapy in Salt Bath, Salt Room Therapy and Whole Body Cryotherapy, and Sleep Studies.  It restores natural Methodism and balance of energy circulation.

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