50% off Gentle Max Pro Hair Removal and PicoWay Tattoo Removal

laser hair removalHair removal Package of 6:

Small Area – $197.50

Uni-Brow, Extended Brow, Ears, Between Eyebrows.Hairline,Nose ,Upper Lips, Lower Lips,Chin, Areola, Sideburns, Hands, Toes, Feet.

Medium Area – $347.50

Full Face , Front Neck,Back Neck, Underarms, Abdominal Line ,Bikini Line

Large Area   – $497.50

Shoulders, Chest, Upper Back, Lower Back ,Upper Arms, Forearms, Brazilian, Gazillion, Abdomen, Buttocks, Upper Legs, Lower Legs.

Extra Large Area  – $747.50

Full Back, Chest+Abdomen, Full Legs, Full Arms.

Full Body, Six  – $1,897.50


PicoWay Tattoo Removal Package of4:

XsM Area(up to 1 sq.inches 1”x1”)        $92.5   

Sm Area (up to 2 sq.inches 1”x2”)        $177.50

M Area (up to 4 sq.inches 2”x2”)          $327.5

LArea (up to 9 sq.inches 3”x3”)            $597.50

XL Area (up to 16 sq.inches 4”x4)        $1,097.50

XXL (up to 25 sq.inches 5”x5”)               $1,497.50

XXXL(up to 36 sq.inches 6”x6”)              $1,987.50    

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