$2500 OFF Seven-Day Detox Weight Loss

At Aria, we don’t believe in body shaming. We DO believe in supporting healthy, safe and effective weight loss, and that this can be achieved using natural detoxification and deep body cleansing to restore natural metabolism and balance energy circulation. Based on this founding concept, we’ve developed our Detox Weight Loss Program. With our system, the attainable, and sustainable, goal is up to 12 lbs. of weight loss!

$2500 OFF Seven-Day Detox Weight Loss
Regular Price: $7350

Now Only $4850

Aria is uniquely positioned to offer first-class accommodations and nutritional dining with state-of-the-art spa facilities & programming under one luxurious roof.

Package includes:
  • Hotel Accommodation – Single
  • Clinical Evaluation & Body Composition Test
  • Detoxifying Breakfast / Bio-Light Lunch / Dinner

Seven-Day Detox Weight Loss Program

Our professional staff conducts initial testing and evaluation, and uses the results to design a program to meet the client’s individual needs and goals. They guide you through a seven-day regimen of treatments and services, and educate you about health, diet and lifestyle habits to start you on the path. Each day of the seven-day program is a fully scheduled personalized combination of core treatments and spa services.

Core treatments:
  • Detox Hydrotherapy
  • Kneipp Contrast Shower & Sharko Shower
  • Detox Seaweed Wrap
  • Salt Room
  • Lymph Drainage Massage
  • Vibro-Therapy
Spa services:
  • Aroma Steam Therapy
  • Organic Body Scrub & Facial
  • UltraShape Fat Elimination
  • VelaShape Body Contouring & Cellulite Treatment
  • Yoga Class with Meditation
  • Sauna with Herbal Venik
  • Deep Tissue Massage

We ensure you return home with recommendations and a full-body wellness system in place to sustain the mental and physical benefits you received during your stay at Aria.

“I recently completed the 7-day body detox/weight loss program at Aria. I waited a while after leaving the spa to write this review to see if the 8 pounds I had lost while there would stay off… THEY DID, AND I’M ECSTATIC!!! I even lost additional weight after I left the spa. The weight I had lost I had struggled to lose for several years. I can now wear clothes that hung in my closet during my “overweight period” unused or in which I looked like a stuffed sausage. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the dramatic results. Thank you, Aria!!!”
Camille B., Great Falls, VA

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