How Face Mask LED Therapy Can Lead to Great Skin

Face Mask LED Therapy Ashburn VAThe skin is exposed to so many environmental and biological triggers day in and day out that it’s virtually impossible to prevent flaws. At ARIA, we provide several services aimed at improving the appearance of the skin. Of the various beneficial facials available today, we are particularly impressed with the Face Mask LED treatment. Our clients are, too. Here, we discuss what LED therapy is and why it is such a popular aesthetic technique.

LED is the term used to describe light-emitting diode. This light source utilizes varying spectrums and wavelengths of infrared energy to achieve specific cosmetic benefits. LED energy is known for its ability to reduce active acne and soothe acne-prone skin. The truth is, there are various colors on the spectrum of infrared light and each has its own superpower. Many of the devices that are used today emit red or blue light. In our facility, clients benefit from a broader spectrum that includes:

  • Red light for collagen and elastin stimulation
  • Blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria
  • Green light to improve complexion
  • Yellow light for the reduction of redness and inflammation
  • Orange light to promote a bright, healthy glow
  • Cyan light soothes tiny blood vessels beneath the skin
  • Purple light facilitates cellular rejuvenation
  • Penetrates deeply for amplified cellular regeneration

The Benefits of Professional LED Treatment

After the popularity and beneficial aspects of professional LED mask therapy became evident, several companies developed systems to be used at home. Of course, it sounds convenient and effective to be able to treat skin problems at home. The problem is that results may not be forthcoming even after several at-home treatments. It isn’t that home devices are completely without merit. The best way to describe this would be that treating skin issues at home, with this or any other device, is like working out on your own versus with a personal trainer. You may get results, but it will take much longer.

Why wait?

Face Mask LED treatment is a quick process that is so gentle it is often performed after microneedling, microdermabrasion, and other cosmetic treatments. An LED mask is medically recognized and also clinically proven to provoke changes at a cellular level. No UVA or UVB rays are emitted by LED, which means no side effects or tanning; just brighter, healthier skin.

Learn more about the value of a monthly LED facial. Call our Sterling, VA medspa at 703-444-2800.

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