PicoWay Laser For Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have been very popular over the last couple of decades, especially among young people. Many of them got tattoos because of pressure from friends, to celebrate there love and devotion to someone they hold dear or after a night of heavy drinking. While getting a unique, gaudy, colorful, highly-visible tattoo might have seemed like a good idea at the time, you may regret getting it done later. If you have buyers remorse and want to have a tattoo removed for business or personal reasons, Aria MediSpa can help. Their new PicoWay laser tattoo removal technology can make that unwanted tattoo disappear. 

Fast And Painless

Using the unique PicoWay laser technology, the staff at Aria MediSpa can remove any tattoo in a matter of minutes. PicoWay lasers use ultra-short pulses that are trillionths of a second long to remove the unwanted ink. The process is so fast, the person getting the tattoo removed barely feels a thing and they are comfortable the entire time. Traditional tattoo removal can be very painful and takes hours to complete. But Aria MediSpa using their innovative PicoWay lasers have streamlined the tattoo removal process and made it fast, easy, painless and convenient.


Multi-Color Tattoos, Any Type Of Skin

For traditional tattoo removal companies, getting rid of a multi-colored tattoo can be challenging, painful and time consuming. Not for the experienced professionals at Aria MediSpa. Their PicoWay laser technology makes quick work of removing even the mot complex, multi-color tattoo. Their cutting-edge lasers are designed to quickly and safely remove any color ink from your skin and make even the oldest, most elaborate colored tattoo disappear. No matter the color, shade or texture of your skin, the Aria MediSpa staff can use their PicoWay lasers to remove even the most colorful tattoo from it.


More Than Just Tattoo Removal

At Aria MediSpa they do much more than remove tattoos. They are skincare experts. They understand the complex biology of the different layers of your skin and how tattoo ink interacts with it. That makes them uniquely qualified and specially prepared to remove the ink without damaging the skin. Plus, they can provide you with skincare treatments that will help to ensure the area from which the tattoo is removed is clear and healthy. While many tattoo removal companies simply zap the tattoo and send you on your way, at Aria MediSpa they offer treatment and guidance to help you to heal your skin and make it look and feel great.


Help For Tattoo Remorse

Getting a tattoo is a bold, daring act. And many people proudly wear their tattoos their entire lives. But if you have a change of heart and want to get rid of the tattoo art that’s inked into your skin, contact Aria MediSpa. They can use their PicoWay laser technology and vast knowledge of skincare to remove any type of tattoo from anywhere on your body and leave your skin looking clean, clear and healthy.





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