Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skinwave Facial

Reduce signs of aging and improve overall skin wellness with Skinwave—Aria’s new multidimensional skincare technology.

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skinwave Facial

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Skinwave is the only system combining hydrogen therapy with the power of natural acids to provide antioxidant benefits, hydration and reduction in inflammation all in a single device. Three dedicated solutions—Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and a Hyaluronic Acid-rich solution—are applied gently and simultaneously to extract dirt and other impurities from deep within pores.

Aria’s professional clinicians use Skinwave’s hand piece to deliver its three-prong process: Hydrogen Therapy + Electroporation + Contouring. The results are:

  • Hydrogen enriched water reacts with active oxygen linked to drying and aging skin in order to minimize cell damage.
  • Electroporation with red and blue LED therapy temporarily opens pores to increase solution absorption and address additional skin needs, such as redness and acne.
  • A double lifting contouring roller massages the skin’s surface to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation, and enhance elasticity.

From cleansing, exfoliating and calming to moisturizing and hydrating, Skinwave’s multiple actions refresh, nourish and restore beautiful age-defying skin.

The Benefits of Skinwave

  • For anyone with one or multiple skin needs like acne-prone, oily, or dry skin, and can easily be applied to other problem areas on the body, like your neck, chest and back.
  • Depending on treatment area, a Skinwave session takes as a little 20 minutes.
  • Improvements are immediately visible and continue over the days post-procedure without any downtime.

“Beautiful studio, professional & friendly are all staff, love the salt rooms, and all the state of the art equipment for anti aging… All the above is why I tell people to go to Aria!” — Carolyn W., 11/6/2020

“The atmosphere is always very inviting…. The place is sparkling clean and everything smells clean…. Technicians are very knowledgeable and courteous. This may be one of the reasons I keep on coming.” — Maria D., 10/16/2020

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