What Kind of Yoga Should I Do?

Yoga provides a pathway for people to get more in touch with their bodies and minds. It also serves as a modality for relaxation and strength-building. With the popularity of yoga and the recognition of this activity as a major player in the stress-management game, we get a lot of questions from potential new students. Because we offer multiple different yoga classes, the primary question that people have is what class or classes they should attend. The short answer is that any type of yoga can be beneficial for just about anyone. For a more in-depth answer, we discuss two common types of yoga here.

Vinyasa Yoga

What is it?

This style of yoga is a series of asanas, or body poses. More than moving through various movements, Vinyasa yoga incorporates a connection between the breath and the motion of the body. The goal is a yoga flow from one pose to another fluidly, like a dance. No two classes are identical. There are a variety of poses a teacher may flow through, including hip-openers, Sun Salutations, and Warrior poses.

Is it for me?

Vinyasa yoga is adaptable. It may be an excellent type of yoga to try if you want to gain flexibility and tone muscles in all parts of the body. You may enjoy a wide variety of movements at a pace that provides quite the workout.

Yin/Yang Yoga

What is it?

This form of yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang. Yang generates heat, while yin is restorative. This practice goes a bit deeper than other types of yoga so that it may activate bones, ligaments, and joints through longer postures and passive stretches. Like Vinyasa yoga, Yin/Yang yoga goes through various asanas, holding each for one or more minutes. This practice doesn’t cause the same sweat as others, but you do feel it and it does make a difference in your body and mind.

Is it for me?

Yin/Yang yoga is for anyone who wants to shake up their normal yoga routine and go inward. This practice can help you unwind and unravel the daily stressors of life. Yin yoga is an excellent opposition to yang activities like weight-lifting, cycling, running, even hot yoga.

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