Why a Detox is Essential to Your Weight Loss Goals and More

Detox Weight Loss Leesburg VAWeight loss has been a topic of interest for decades. Men and women have been presented with numerous methods and trends over the years. From high-fat-low-carb to the meat-and-veggies Paleo diet to high-intensity-interval-training, we see a lot of merit in various methods of weight loss and management. What the majority of diet trends lack, though, is a path toward a healthier body. At Aria MediSpa, clients can immerse themselves in a week-long weight loss program that goes above and beyond, focusing more so on systemic detoxification than a reduction in pounds.

Why We Need to Detox

Excess fat actually serves a protective purpose; it tries to ward off petrochemicals and other toxins that enter the body in various ways. The problem is, protection comes in the form of storage. When fat stores toxins, systemic inflammation increases. Where there is inflammation, there is a higher likelihood of additional weight gain. Weight loss in and of itself can help reduce inflammation. However, when we get to the heart of the matter, detoxification, we can create a synergistic effect through which inflammation decreases and the body regains appropriate sensitivity to insulin and leptin, two hormones that are related to fat metabolism.

What is Involved in a Weight Loss Detox

Losing weight is much more complicated than most people imagine. There is more to sustained weight loss than calories-in, calories-out. Our detox weight loss week is all-encompassing. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of body mass, general health, and lifestyle, and also sleep patterns. The program also includes nutritional assistance that empowers the individual to make healthy food choices once they return home.

Making healthy food choices is critical because nourishment lowers weight, increases energy, decreases anxiety and mood disruptions and supports healthy skin. From this baseline, our detox program expands to include lymph drainage massage (daily for seven days), whole-body vibration therapy to stimulate further lymph drainage; seaweed wraps to draw toxins out of the body, float tank therapy, salt room therapy, and more.

Detoxifying the body doesn’t have to be a complicated and frustrating event that leaves you feeling deprived. The staff at Area Medi Spa in Sterling, VA has made detox weight loss a pampering journey. Learn more about this program and other invigorating spa services at 703-444-2800.

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