Cellulite. It’s not something that anyone says YES to. However……

Cellulite. It’s not something that anyone says YES to. However, the large majority of women, in particular, struggle with a dimpled, cottage cheese appearance on one or more areas of their body. In recent years, a number of innovative treatments have become available for individuals wanting to decrease the circumference in areas like the abdomen and thighs. With these treatments came hope that we finally had a “cure” for cellulite. Not necessarily.
You see, cellulite is not entirely a fat issue. It also involves connective tissue and the hold that it has on fat. Cellulite also has ties to the toxins that are in the body. This is because toxins hide in fat cells. Think you don’t have this problem? Think again. We absorb toxins from packaged and processed foods, as well as from the environment. That being said, we all have them. One new treatment, Cellfina, is making good progress with this issue. However, it can be costly and is not entirely non-invasive. Fortunately, there are other solutions that don’t require you to go under the knife in any way, shape, or form.

Benefits of Massage
Men and women in the Sterling area visit Aria Medi Spa for treatment to soothe aching muscles and wash away stress. Massage is beneficial for a number of conditions, cellulite being one of them. And there are a few reasons why.

The first goes back to all those toxins that we have collected over the years. In time, the body’s natural elimination pathways get overloaded and do not perform as they could – or should. In addition to having a generally positive effect on circulation, massage also works on bloated lymph nodes. As the lymph system has no “pump” of its own to keep draining running smoothly, it can use a little help, and this comes from massage.

The second reason why massage can be beneficial to the appearance of cellulite is because it literally disrupts the area being manipulated. Depending on the depth of the massage, some say that fat cells can be more evenly dispersed beneath the skin. While this is not a cure for cellulite, it certainly makes it appear less noticeable.

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