Harness the Power of Ultrasound to Minimize your Size

Aria Medical Spa has been established as a center in which clients have the array of options they need to keep their skin, face, and body in optimal condition. We recognize that your expectations and unique problems are different from anyone else, and we are here to consult with you about the best ways to achieve your goals. One of the popular treatments used to help clients dwindle down the circumference of problematic areas such as the thighs, buttocks, arms, flanks, or abdomen is UltraShape.

The UltraShape procedure is intended for the destruction of fat cells in a chosen area. Fat is naturally cleared from destroyed cells through the spilling of triglycerides and cell debris. These substances, when outside of the cell, are metabolized by the body. Triglycerides running amuck in the body may seem concerning. However, the process of fat elimination has been extensively studied. During clinical studies of UltraShape, researchers determined that the accumulation of triglycerides in the blood and liver was insignificant. The process is safe and effective, with multi-center and independent clinical studies backing up this statement.

Benefits of Ultrasound for Fat Reduction

Fat reduction has got to be one of the most challenging goals for men and women today. The UltraShape device pulses focused ultrasound waves to the selected area. Not only is the technology more precise, but it has also been shown to promote results in an expedited manner. Many other fat-reducing treatments take months to achieve the desired, noticeable outcome. UltraShape can deliver results in as little as two weeks.

The precision and gentleness of ultrasound waves is also beneficial for a shortened recovery period. In fact, there really is no need for post-treatment down time! Clients receive comfortable treatment in our medispa, and then go about their day. No bruising, no swelling, no pain.

Non-surgical procedures to reduce fatty deposits work in concert with the body’s natural metabolic pathways. To achieve the desired results, most patients will need three treatment sessions. Once fat cells are eliminated, they will not grow back. With healthy habits, results can be maintained for years.

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