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What most people do when they start to notice little pockets of fat hanging around their thighs, hips, and midsection is reducing the number of calories they consume. To tighten and tone the affected areas, they may start to exercise or ramp up their current exercise routine. Imagine the frustration of doing these things and still not getting the desired result! Maybe you can. Maybe that’s why you’re reading this. So, let’s get right to the point: if you want to slim down, you may need some help, and we are here for you with the latest body-contouring technologies.
The Zerona low-level laser device was cleared by the FDA several years ago. Because marketing campaigns for innovative new cold-therapies like CoolSculpting have been so aggressive, Zerona has been all but forgotten. Not by us. We see it’s immense value, so we continue to offer this service to clients of our Sterling med spa. If you are ready to return to a more svelte you, what you want is efficiency. Zerona provides this. It also provides a painless and relaxing time-out from your day while you get treated.

Six Zerona Sessions -$499

How Zerona Works

Zerona has been extensively studied over the years and has shown us exactly what happens to cells under low-level laser energy. This device uses red light, but that does not indicate heat. In fact, it is a cold laser that has zero effect on the surface cells. As the energy permeates superficial tissue, it is absorbed by fat cells. These cells get tricked into melting. More specifically, they liquefy and open to spill their lipid content.

In clinical studies, the treatment of fat with the Zerona laser has achieved as much as 3.5 inches total loss in a treatment area such as the hips, thighs, and abdomen. It may take up to six treatments within a two-week time frame to obtain the most dramatic effect, but because each treatment is completed in less than an hour, the time investment is well worth it, especially when you begin to see a difference in your body within weeks, not months, like other systems. And these studies were conducted on patients who made no changes to their health and wellness regimen. Imagine what could happen when you combine a healthy lifestyle with this body-sculpting therapy!

Feel your best for summer, and all year long. Call Aria Medi Spa at 703-444-2800 for your fat-melting treatment.

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