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Want to Look Younger? Consider These Suggestions!

We tend to talk quite a bit about how we can look younger as we age. Most people realize that they cannot look twenty forever, and most don’t really want to. What we want is to feel good about our appearance at whatever age we encounter. At Aria Medical Spa, we offer several options for […]

  • Posted on: Jun 29 2018
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Skin Care treatments Ashburn VA

Are Your Habits Aging Your Skin?

We know that aging is a natural part of life; that we cannot avoid it altogether. However, there are several avenues we can take on our journey here. Some can slow the pace of aging, some can correct signs of aging as they occur, and some paths we want to avoid due to their strong […]

  • Posted on: Jun 1 2018
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Beat Dry Skin by Avoiding Common Mistakes

Dry skin. It’s a condition that we’d like to help you avoid because we know the consequences. Not only does dry skin lose its lusciousness, but it is also more prone to cracks, cuts, and chronic problems like psoriasis. Keeping your skin in good health doesn’t take expensive treatments on a weekly basis, or even […]

Ho! Ho! Ho! Avoid Hum-Drum Skin this Holiday Season!

The holidays. Some of us enter into this time of year dragging our feet, while others (you know who you are) hop and skip through December with the energy of Buddy the Elf. What is so interesting about the holidays is that it is at this time of year, the time when additional duties keep […]

Prepare for Summer by Getting to Know your Sunscreen

With summer just around the corner, you have probably found yourself eyeing the selection of sunscreen at your local retailer. According to research conducted at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, although the majority of us use sunscreen, we know relatively little about this protective product. What is SPF, Really? The SPF factor, or sun […]

Give your Skin Some TLC this Spring

As we make our way through spring and into summer, the last thing you want is dry, flaky skin. Not only is dry skin rather unsightly, it can also feel more irritated and itchy. In addition to visiting Aria Medi Spa for the facial and body conditioning you need after your skin’s winter hibernation, you […]

Get a Sexy, Sun-Kissed Glow Safely With Sunless Tanning

Glowing tanned skin can make you look sexier, younger, and healthier, but if you get that tan from a tanning bed or laying out on the beach, you could seriously damage your skin, speed up the development of wrinkles, and risk fatal skin cancer. Bronzed skin isn’t worth all the risks that come with UV […]

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