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Day Spa | Facials | Massages | Permanent Makeup |Laser Hair Removal| Velashape Body Countouring | Sterling VA | Reston VA | Herndon VAWe put our bodies through a lot of stress day in and day out. Even though a lot of times it feels like a necessity, it can still certainly wear you out and leave you feeling sluggish and tired. That’s where a nice, relaxing day at our day spa in Reston comes in. Here at Aria Medi Spa, we can provide you with a wide range of treatments and services that can leave you feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and even better about yourself. Leading a busy life can leave you with little time to work out and the stress may be a proponent of some trouble spots. Here at Aria Medi Spa we can provide you with Velashape fat reduction treatments that can help.

Velashape is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that directly targets problem areas such as the belly, upper arms, outer and inner thighs, buttocks or any other area where you may have cellulite. No one likes these areas, and they are known as problem areas for a reason. Stress can certainly attribute to these issues but even aging can make it more difficult for weight loss to occur in these parts of the body. Here at our day spa in Reston, our spa specialists can provide you with Velashape for body contouring and fat reduction to help. Velashape is a completely comfortable and stress free procedure. There is no need for downtime or healing following the treatment so you can get right back to your routine once you’ve left Aria MediSpa. Velashape targets your problem areas to help improve their appearance with the use of infrared, radiofrequency and a vacuum to improve the appearance of fatty areas, making them look slimmer and more appealing.

If you find yourself in need of some serious relaxation, we can certainly help you here at our day spa in Reston. We can offer you a variety of services, from skin treatments to massages and everything in between. We here at Aria Medi Spa can help relieve everyday stress as well as any personal stresses you may have regarding your body image with the help of Velashape.

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