Father’s Day Spa Specials!

Aroma Day Package 2 hour for $140.*

1. Sauna with aroma Hot Drift and snow 30 min;
2. Cold Shower;
3.Contrast hydrotherapy;
4. Lunch choice chicken, fish or vegetables
5. Swedish massage

Day Massage Package 3.5 hour for $175.*

1. Salt Room Therapy 20 min
2. Snow Infusion sauna treatment  with Venik 60 min
3. Body Scrub -30 min
4. Lunch choice chicken, fish or vegetables
5. Swedish or Thai massage 60 min

If you really want to experience great savings and impress your Father or loved one, how about our Father’s Pampering Pure Fuji Body Treatment 4 .2 hours $225*

1. Salt Room Therapy with reflexology massage 45 min
2. Sauna treatment  with Venik 60 min
3. Organic body Scrub 30 min
3. Paraffin Body Treatment 30 min
4. Lunch choice chicken, fish or vegetables
5. Pampering Pure Fuji Body Massage 60 min

Let him experience deep restorative rest with our  Amazing “Moroccan Breeze Day Spa”- 4.5 hours $245*

1. Aromatherapy & Herbal “Venik” or “Bochka” (During this aerial diffusion procedure in the red cedar aromatherapy room you will receive an organic honey- herbal treatment).
2. Mineralizing Moroccan Spice Body Glow (Get carried away to Casablanca… more through Marrakesh… The oils and spices of Mineralizing Moroccan Spice Body Glow evoke the mystique of exotic Lands. Calming treatment leaves skin soft and vibrant).
3.Tropical Sun Recovery Body Masque & Cooling relief scalp treatment  (Perfect for dehydrated skin, this body wrap will help cleanse and purify the body while helping boost the skin’s moisturizer and collagen level. Moisturizing wheat germ oil and exfoliation Dead Sea salt blended with cool, refreshing peppermint and tea tree essential oils offer rejuvenation for the scalp).
4.Swedish Massage (Your massage is personalized to focus on your body’s area affected by tension and stress. Special blends of oils are prepared to penetrate your skin and soothe tired and aching muscles).
5.Facial, Shoulder and Scalp Massage (Specifically designed for you, this relaxing facial works at a deep level to purify, balance and hydrate the skin. Triple cleansing and steamy hot towels are used to soothe and soften the skin and facial hair. A relaxing massage of the face, shoulders and scalp leaves you feeling relaxed and de-stressed).
6.Full face LED Treatment.
7. Lunch choice chicken, fish or vegetables. We will also serve you with a glass of fine wine.


Sauna Treatment with honey and Venik 30/60 min $40/$70
Additional 30/60 min Swedish or Thai massage $50/$95
Deep Tissue, Sports or Pregnancy Massage $45
Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment $40
Organic Facial 60 min  $90
LED Face Mask 20 min $25


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