Permanent Makeup Art at Aria MediSpa!

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Eyebrows, Eyes lash enhancement, Eyeliner, Lip liner with blending – $200($450 value);
Full lips – $250 ($500 value)

There are many advantage to getting permanent makeup done, but as with all beauty care, you want to have it done by skilled professionals; experienced people who know what their doing. At Aria MediSpa, you can rest assured that our permanent makeup services in Reston are applied only be the most qualified and skilled technicians.

Imagine not having to spend all that extra time you spend every morning putting on makeup and at night removing it. Your time is precious and you can use it on more important tasks or for just relaxing- or getting some extra sleep. In addition, you are assured of having the perfect look each and every day. A consistent appearance that is flattering and looks exactly the way you want it to, without all that effort. How many times have you been running late and had to rush to apply your makeup? Maybe you’ve had to do it in the car. Well, our permanent makeup services in Reston will reduce that stress and anxiety and make you feel calmer and more comfortable with yourself.

Occasional touchups will be needed, but your first one is included as part of your initial cost. It’s not possible to give an exact time frame for how long our permanent makeup services in Reston will last for you, because there are too many factors to consider, including skin tone, age, sun exposure, and frequency of using chemical peels. But it’s fair to say that a refresher appointment should be needed for most clients somewhere between 1 and 3 years from the initial application. During the first year, any color refresher you may need is provided at a 50% discount.

Your schedule is full and you’re a busy woman. When you consider the savings in both time and in the purchasing of makeup, the benefits of our permanent makeup services in Reston become very obvious.


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