How Men are Making the Most of Modern Beauty Treatments

medical spa Ashburn VABeauty treatments have historically been portrayed as woman-centered. It isn’t a stretch to acknowledge that the majority of the $62 Billion spent in the cosmetic industry comes from women. While women do happen to the primary clientele among medical spas and plastic surgeons, there is plenty of room for men to benefit – and benefit greatly – from modern beauty treatments.

Different Concerns, Similar Treatments

Men and women age differently and are perceived differently as they do. For example, many women develop significant concern over worry lines on their forehead. On the other hand, men with the same horizontal lines on their forehead have historically been perceived as having life experience and wisdom. While there may be variances in the exact issues people wish to correct, the treatments administered to refresh the face may be quite similar.

  1. Correct or prevent unwanted wrinkles with just a few injections. Botox had become so popular among men at one point that many people referred to treatment as “Brotox.” The number of men reducing or postponing the presence of dynamic wrinkles around the eyes and forehead continues to rise. Just a few virtually painless injections can minimize muscle contractions in the upper face for up to six months, alleviating a man from a persistent scowl or creases around his eyes.
  2. Hair removal. Men may naturally have more hair on their bodies than women, but that doesn’t mean they like it. For the guy who doesn’t take Beast Mode literally, laser hair removal holds significant value. Over the course of series of sessions, a man can wipe away all evidence of a hair back, belly, or booty for good. Results start immediately and continue to improve as subsequent treatments are performed. Usually, by eight to twelve treatments, hair growth discontinues for several years.
  3. Body contouring. We all know that it’s not only women who want to feel good when bathing suit season comes around. Body contouring treatments like UltraShape can give a guy the boost he needs to reveal his best body.

We’re continually rethinking the many aspects of beauty. As we do, we find that very few treatments are exclusive; that men and women can obtain numerous benefits from spa treatments tailored to their needs.

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