Get your smoothest skin with these tips for laser hair removal

Hair. It sometimes grows more where you don’t want it than where you do! For ages, men and women have spent valuable time on the task of hair removal. Today, it is possible to get rid of hair in a chosen area, such as the underarms or the bikini area, for good. At Aria Medi Spa, we are pleased to offer laser hair removal using one of the latest devices to enter the marketplace.

Various laser devices exist, but each patient will respond differently to the laser hair removal process, just as one person responds to medication differently than another. In addition to selecting our laser equipment very carefully, we suggest ways to maximize your hair removal experience.

Managing comfort

Laser hair removal works by delivering precise wavelengths of light energy into hair follicles. This energy transfers to tissue in the form of heat, destroying existing hair and incapacitating the follicle for future hair production. The absorption of heat can lead to post-treatment tenderness that feels similar to a sunburn. To comfort slightly irritated skin, we suggest applying a cold compress to the treatment area for short periods of time until symptoms subside.

Managing dryness

Most of us could benefit from a little moisturizing of the skin. This pampering treatment is especially important after laser hair removal. However, it is important to use a suitable, non-comedogenic, unscented moisturizer in order to get the desired result. Many of the lotions we love today include alcohol and other drying ingredients. If you have questions about which moisturizer is best for you, ask your treating practitioner.

Managing hair growth

A single laser treatment will vaporize the hair that is in the follicle. Because hair grows in cycles, you will see new hair some time after your initial session. It is acceptable to shave, if need be. However, no method which pulls hair from the follicle, such as plucking, should be used. We need hair in the follicles in order for laser treatment to be effective!

Managing skin health

Sun protection is important at all times, but especially after laser treatments, which may make the skin more susceptible to irritation. Like the moisturizing lotion you use, choosing an unscented sunscreen is advisable.

We can help you get the smooth skin you want. Call our Sterling, VA medispa at 703-444-2800.

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