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Yoga services Sterling, VAWe are excited at the expansion of Aria MediSpa, which will enable us to bring more services to our local community. The addition of warm and hot yoga classes rounds out our symphony of health and beauty by offering a number of benefits to participants.  And in October of this year our Spa will become Kids Friendly!

Yoga is an interesting form of exercise that has become exceedingly popular in recent years. The very idea of yoga as exercise may actually have originated with classes that sprouted in gyms across the globe. Yogis have been practicing this art of moving meditation for thousands of years. What has been discovered through the spread of yoga practice into the Western world is that there are ample benefits to gain even for those who aren’t devout yogis. We want to touch on them here.

  • Flexibility and muscle tone. Yoga is a low impact activity, but that does not mean the body won’t change significantly with regular practice. Most people realize that the stretches and poses performed during a yoga class can develop flexibility and muscle tone, they just may be surprised the extent of physical improvement that occurs.
  • Improved metabolism. Perhaps part of the physical change that occurs with a regular yoga practice has to do with the increase in metabolism prompted by certain poses. The detoxification of the body through increased metabolism, partially resulting from the reverse in blood flow during inverted poses, flushes toxins that are stored in fat.
  • Emotional wellness. Yoga is a meditative practice, but that is not why it is associated with improved emotional wellness, including a decrease in depression. Group yoga, in particular, boosts the production of oxytocin in the brain. This “love hormone” in turn fosters mood. Also, serotonin (the “happiness hormone”) increases with mindfulness, a natural side effect during yoga classes.
  • Heart Health. Studies are beginning to demonstrate the power of this low impact exercise in the treatment and prevention of heart disease. One study demonstrated improved heart health and a better overall quality of life in patients who had experienced heart failure.

Yoga classes and additional services are tailored for clients of our Sterling Medispa.  For more information, or to schedule your visit, call 703-444-2800.

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