Why not cut down all of your daily cosmetic routines!

We all have concerns about the way we look and some of us often go to great measures to perfect the way we look every day. Unwanted hair can be a hassle, causing many of us to undergo temporary processes every so often just to hide something we wish we could just get rid of! We here at Aria Medi Spa can help you get rid of unwanted facial or body hair for good. At our Sterling day spa, we offer laser hair removal among many other beauty offers and spa services.

At Aria Medi Spa, we provide the most advanced technological methods with which to help you get rid of unwanted hair. When it comes to laser hair removal, we use GentleMax Pro. The GentleMax Pro laser system is an integrated aesthetics platform which offers more versatility than any other laser device found elsewhere. In addition to removing unwanted hair, this laser technology can offer a wide range of treatments, including the removal of pigment lesions, vascular lesions, and even wrinkles. This system is appropriate for all skin types as it is incredibly gentle, providing the same comfortable and effective treatment no matter how sensitive your skin is. Our process works by delivering evaporative cryogen to the surface of your skin which makes the laser painless when it strikes and even helps protect the skin from thermal injury. To remove unwanted hair, the GentleMax Pro exposes your skin to pulses of laser light that then works to destroy the hair follicles you wish to have removed or reduced. You may need multiple treatments to reach maximum results and to provide long-term hair reduction.

Why not cut down all of your daily cosmetic routines by simply making an appointment with us at Aria Medi Spa today. We can begin your laser hair removal treatment and bring you one step closer to feeling comfortable about your appearance. Visit our Sterling day spa today!


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