Beat Dry Skin by Avoiding Common Mistakes

Dry skin. It’s a condition that we’d like to help you avoid because we know the consequences. Not only does dry skin lose its lusciousness, but it is also more prone to cracks, cuts, and chronic problems like psoriasis. Keeping your skin in good health doesn’t take expensive treatments on a weekly basis, or even on a monthly basis. In fact, some of the best ways to keep your skin looking and feeling good include avoiding the things that could rob it of moisture. A short list includes:

Too Little Water

Water keeps the body running smoothly, it feeds the cells that facilitate the various processes that keep us healthy. Water is absorbed by the cells in the skin, too. So when you don’t consume adequate amounts of water, your skin will show signs. What stops a lot of us from getting the water we need is the idea that we have to consume 8 full glasses a day. That sounds like a lot! Instead, make it your habit to sip. Keep a glass or bottle of water near you and make your way through one at a time, a bit at a time. This way, you get what you need – and your skin does, too!

Too Much Heat

Heat is drying. We talk about this during the winter months when all we want is a cozy bath or steamy shower. Hot water is very drying, as is the dry environment created by house heaters. To combat these factors, give cooler water a try. It’s not that you have to turn into the Ice Man and make cold showers your norm, just take it down a notch. Also, follow up every shower with a good, healthy application of lotion. Lotion or an emollient cream should be applied within 5 or so minutes after patting your skin dry, and it should not contain alcohol.

Too Many Skin Cells

Skin cells need to renew on a routine basis, and those that are dead should slough off. The problem is, they don’t. Skin cells that lie around the surface get in the way of absorption, which essentially means your skin is not getting the moisture you apply in the form of a nighttime cream, or any other product. We can help you resolve the issue of dead skin cells with a customized exfoliation treatment.

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