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Now that Fall is upon us, it is easy to think that we are free and clear in terms of our skin. Not so. Did you know that research demonstrates a greater risk for sun damage during the months right after summer’s end? Don’t skimp on your sunscreen just yet, folks, your skin is still vulnerable. Our blog post for today is not reserved for protecting your skin from the sun, though. We want to discuss some of the other important measures you can take to make sure your skin care routine is up to the task as the seasons change.

Moisture, moisture, and more moisture!
Many people assume that it is the sunshine of summer that leaves their skin parched. However, cooler temperatures are also pretty harsh on the skin. Cooler also tends to mean dryer, and dry air causes moisture on the skin to evaporate more quickly. On top of this natural byproduct of cool air, we also tend to head into Winter looking forward to hot baths and showers, cozy nights by the fire and the warmth of the heater. All of these creature comforts exacerbate the dryness of the skin – but you can do something about it. As the weather changes, consider changing your products. Bar soap? Toss it. Pamper your skin with a nourishing foam cleanser instead. Lightweight, scented lotion? Store it for next summer. Now is the time for thicker, creamier body moisturizers.

Pack on the TLC
Being treated to a facial or skin renewing treatment feels luxurious, and it is. That doesn’t mean that you should reserve such pampering for special occasions, though. Especially during seasonal changes, your skin can benefit from a little extra TLC. After collagen strands have taken a beating during the summer months, your skin could use a little rebuilding. Chemical peels, LED therapy, and SilkPeel Hydration are all excellent cool-weather skin boosters to indulge in.

You deserve to have glowing, healthy skin all throughout the year. With a little help, even the changing seasons won’t disrupt your skin. Schedule your visit to our comfortable Sterling MediSpa at 703-444-2800.

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