Ho! Ho! Ho! Avoid Hum-Drum Skin this Holiday Season!

The holidays. Some of us enter into this time of year dragging our feet, while others (you know who you are) hop and skip through December with the energy of Buddy the Elf. What is so interesting about the holidays is that it is at this time of year, the time when additional duties keep us from self-care, when we need to be even more mindful about what we put on our skin and what we put in our mouth. If you give any thought at all to your holiday food consumption, it most likely has to do with watching what you eat so you can fit into that little black dress.

But there’s more.

Some of what we eat this season could do great things for our skin. Other food choices, the ones that are so easy to make, could rob us of the nutrients we need to keep a healthy glow throughout the year. Let’s look into this . . .

Healthy Holiday Foods

  • Pumpkin. If you didn’t get enough pumpkin on Thanksgiving, you have a great reason to keep indulging. Pumpkin has vitamin C, as well as carotinoids. Both of these nutrients are beneficial in the fight against UV damage and free radicals.
  • Coffee. While you’re filling your pleasure bucket with pumpkin pie, throw in a cup of coffee, just make sure its caffeinated. The research on coffee is showing some pretty fascinating benefits, one of which is a decreased risk for nonmelanoma skin cancers. This decrease starts with just one cup, and continues to grow the more you drink. Tea-lovers can rejoice, as well, caffeinated teas are similarly beneficial.
  • Cocoa. When it is too late in the day for a cup of coffee, reach for some homemade cocoa. The flavinoid epicatechin in cocoa promotes healthy blood flow to the epidermis. Good news, wine-lovers, your red varietals also have epicatechin!

Holiday Hazards

  • Alcohol. There aren’t many holiday gatherings that don’t offer various seasonal cocktails, or at least some champagne. Too many Hot Toddies can leave your skin screaming for water. Be kind, remember to hydrate extra on party-days.
  • Eggnog. How could this holiday favorite possibly be bad for the skin? Fortunately, it doesn’t have the same effect on everyone. For the acne-prone, though, eggnog may be on the naughty list.
  • Sweet treats. The holidays turn many of us into Betty Crocker, baking Grandma’s favorite cookie recipes. The white flour and refined sugar in baked goods should be consumed with care. These treats ravage the collagen in your skin.

The team at Aria Medispa wishes you a healthy glow this holiday season.


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