Give your Skin Some TLC this Spring

As we make our way through spring and into summer, the last thing you want is dry, flaky skin. Not only is dry skin rather unsightly, it can also feel more irritated and itchy. In addition to visiting Aria Medi Spa for the facial and body conditioning you need after your skin’s winter hibernation, you can follow a few easy home care tips to get your skin summer-ready:

  • Avoid the hot shower. Yes, we all love a good soak under the warm running water, but this can have a detrimental impact on your skin. Hot water leaches oils from the skin, leaving it more vulnerable to dryness and irritation.
  • Moisture is King! In addition to rubbing on a nourishing moisturizer after your not-so-steamy shower, it is highly recommended that you moisturize as needed throughout the day. If time is limited, which is usually is, select a cream or body butter that is denser in consistency. Also check the ingredient list, as substances like alcohol will do more harm than good!
  • Exfoliation is necessary to slough off the damaged and dead cells that can cause your skin to look dull. A sugar or salt scrub may be used once or twice a week, and will do wonders to seal in extra moisture. These products often contain not only small abrasive particles but also nourishing oils that soothe the skin and make it look oh so silky.
  • Dry brushing, anyone? The skin can be dry-brushed with a special body brush every single day. This may seem like it may promote dryness, but a few minutes of dry brushing actually increases circulation and helps the body eliminate toxins that can dull the skin.

Your skin deserves to be considered an important part of your overall health care routine. If it is not, it will at some point demand that it get a little more attention. Don’t wait for dryness and irritation to cause discomfort and embarrassment. Give your skin the TLC it needs now. You will feel all the better for it!

For the facial, body treatment, or soothing massage you want now, call Aria Medi Spa at 703-444-2800.


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