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The various treatment options that the hydrotherapy tub CARACALLA offers makes it the ideal tub for underwater massages: With 260 water nozzles, 50 air nozzles and 150 light spots in eight different colors, CARACALLA gives you treatment options that range from intense individual massages all the way to gentle pampering, customized to your personal preferences. The massage begins with effleurage, gentle strokes of the muscles and tissues. During the subsequent underwater massage, ten different zones are treated, covering 20 parts of the body which range from the soles of the feet to the shoulders. Massages with the CARACALLA tub have excellent deep-muscle effects because they are so precisely designed to match the contours of the human body.

The Seaweed body wrap is all-natural way to enhance and moisten your skin, decrease excess water weight from your body, detoxify and boost your metabolism.

At the beginning of the session, you rest on a solid cushion of air, which is the perfect foundation for a body wrap. Once the wrap has been applied, the cushion slowly releases air to lower you onto a pleasantly heated water cushion. This feeling of floating calms and relaxes your body, enhances blood circulation and opens the pores of the skin. This gives the wraps a chance to reach their maximum effect. When the cushion of air rises again, your legs are supported and lifted first to stabilize and stimulate your circulation.


Sharko shower activates metabolism, improves blood and lymph circulation, gives a relaxing effect on nerves, eliminate headaches, and improves sleep quality.  In cosmetology it is good for the prevention and correction of cellulite.

The Sharko Shower projects water under high pressure from a shower-like device for an extra-strong massage over the patient’s entire body. The device is applied from a distance of 8.5 – 10 feet. It uses a pressure of 1.5-3 atmospheres. The water is at a temperature of 60° – 68 °F.

Ice packs and heating pads are familiar rehabilitation tools, but many people have never heard of therapeutic contrasting: quickly changing tissue temperature from hot to cold and back again. It is one of the oldest forms of treatment.

To date, contrast hydrotherapy is used to prevent and treat acute and chronic conditions. This is usually achieved with hot and cold water, either dunking a limb or even immersing the whole body. Contrasting therapy should be standard part of detoxification weight loss treatment and any technique for stimulating tissue without stressing it. Contrasting should follow the following basic pattern: 4 alternations between heating and cooling:  1 minute each – warm, cool, hot and cold. This treatment strengthens immune defenses, stimulates the circulatory and nervous system as well as metabolism and invigorates the body.


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