Cryotherapy are a great way to loosen up your body.

Whole body Cryotherapy are a great way to loosen up your body and resolve painful issues throughout the joints and other painful areas, alleviating pain and soreness throughout. Cryotherapy are commonly used for facials as they work to tighten the ores and reduce puffiness and inflammation throughout affected areas in the face. As a result, your face looks refreshed and youthful and you will notice an immediate difference. Cryotherapy can also be used on specific areas of the body that are causing you pain or that you would like worked on for aesthetic purposes. For example, if you are overusing a certain joint in your body and it has been causing you pain, using one of our treatments can often give you the relief you need. Another great purpose for Cryotherapy is that they have anti-aging properties as well. Cryotherapy stimulate the natural creation of more collagen in the skin, and as a result you leave the Aria Medi Spa with a much younger and more relaxed look—and you will be pain-free, too!

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