Sundays at Aria MediSpa are reserved for men only! We offer a wide array of treatments and a signature spa day package specifically designed with men in mind—a day just for you to tackle a problem area, or indulge yourself. Relax. Renew. Reset.

  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • For the Body: Scrubs, Hydrotherapy, Body Wraps, Massage
  • For the Face: VISIA Facial Analysis, Facial Treatments, Add-ons
  • Spa Day For Him: Wine Bath Package


Manicures and pedicures are an investment in health and hygiene.

Grooming fingernails and toenails professionally improves cleanliness and even fixes problems such as calluses and ingrown toenails men often experience. The benefits are not just cosmetic…and not just for women. You’ll go home with hands and feet that have never felt as clean or looked as neat.

Our nail services for men are comprised of the basics—a scrub, trimming of the nails, cuticles and surrounding ragged skin, and, with a pedicure, filing away dead skin buildup on the soles of the feet. Optional add-ons include a mask to hydrate the skin or to strengthen the nails; nails buffed to a high shine, or a matte-finish top coat (i.e., a clear nail polish), if you prefer.

Spa Manicure ($100). Our exclusive SPA Manicure to relax, nourish and leave your hands thoroughly pampered and revitalized. Your service is perfected with a nail buff and a moisturizing massage. Optional add-ons available.

Basic Manicure ($60). Exfoliating manicure by our trained specialist.

Spa Pedicure ($120). Rest your tired feet in a luxurious purifying footbath followed by nail grooming and buffing then finished off with a skin-smoothing massage.

Basic Pedicure ($75). Our trained specialist will give you an exfoliating pedicure followed by a relaxing foot scrub.


Sundays at Aria MediSpa offer a wide range of effective treatments to help you escape the stressors of daily life and then return physically and mentally recharged.

Coconut Sugar Rub (30 min). Renew and revitalize dull, dry skin with this natural exfoliation and moisturizing treatment that removes dead cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and nourished.

Moroccan Salt Scrub (45 min). Enjoy a refreshing skin exfoliation where we scrub your entire body with natural scrubs infused with the scents and spices of the Moroccan salt.

Hydrotherapy (20 min). Therapeutic soaks in the Caracalla hydrotherapy tub range from intense individual massages to gentle pampering, customized to your personal preference, but all have precision deep-muscle & tissue effects by matching the contours of the body.


Organic Body Mask. Enhance and moisten your skin in an all-natural and relaxing way that decreases excess water weight, detoxifies your body, and boosts your metabolism. Reduces stress thereby lowering blood pressure.

Seaweed Body. This detoxifying treatment begins with a stimulating exfoliation using a finely ground fresh-water seaweed, followed by a Detoxifying Customizing Complex finisher.


Indian Head Massage (30 min). Treatment focuses on face, neck, shoulders, and scalp area to increase joint mobility and flexibility, improve blood circulation & lymphatic flow, free knots of muscular tensions, and relax connective tissue. Also aids in the elimination of stored toxins and waste products.

Foot Reflexology (30 min). This soothing massage is perfect for relaxation and relief from chronic leg and foot pain. Organs, circulation, and extremities benefit naturally from massage techniques applied to specific problem areas using a custom blend of lotion and oils.

Carpal Tunnel Massage (30 min). Explore this form of Hand Reflexology where pressure is applied on strategic points on the hands to clear blockages and energetic channels to restore balance and well-being to the whole body. Relieve discomfort associated with repetitive motion, carpal tunnel stress.

Anti-Stress Hot Stone Massage (60 min). This ritual treatment combines the therapeutic properties of hot minerals (obsidian stone) with strategic placement on key body points. Followed by a hot towel compress and aroma drizzle massage for total relaxation.

Deep Tissue Sport Massage (60/90 min). Soothe tired and aching muscles with this intense massage combining deep pressure on points and areas where needed, followed by long smooth strokes to penetrate your skin and fatigued tissue. Ideal for athletes and post-workout discomfort.

Swedish Massage (60/90 min). Swedish massage therapy involves the use of the hands, forearms and elbows to work the superficial muscles. It’s designed to promote relaxation, increase oxygen flow in the body and rid the system of toxins.


Choose a Sunday signature service to meet your needs. Our men’s skin care experts are on hand with tips based on your skin type and, if requested, treatment recommendations. Or opt for our premium consultation—VISIA full-color skin analysis—the latest facial imaging technology to assess hydration and collagen levels, and identify problem areas and skin damage to guide treatment.

VISIA Facial Imaging and Analysis ($75 / $55 for members). Using 3D and UV photography, VISIA provides data on your skin’s overall type and condition and offers a damage assessment. The system also analyses and simulations to demonstrate the effects of aging and to show the benefits of injectables in desired areas. VISIA is the ultimate tool in skin care technology:

    • Skin type detection & condition analysis
    • Eyelash analysis
    • RBX Technology to detect spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne
    • Before & after facial photo documentation
    • Injectables Simulation
    • Advanced Aging Simulation

Once your full-color analysis is complete, an Aria men’s skin care expert will use it to customize a treatment plan for optimal skin health, and guide selection of skin care products.

High Performance Skin Energies & Hydration: Triple Collagen or Arctic Ice Facial ($145).Soothe dry skin and tired eyes with this multi-dynamic facial massage that boosts circulation and maximizes cell regeneration, while a scalp massage deeply relaxes you.

Steam Cells Facial for Sensitive Skin ($135). This powerful treatment combines repairing ingredients that visibly improve damaged capillaries, skin blemishes and redness with highly effective phototherapeutic extracts to soften and relieve the skin while reinforcing it against hypersensitivity and inflammation.

Black and White Facial ($105). Healing Black Mud, Black Oil, and Marine Volcanic Ashes are combined to draw out toxins, excess oil, and pollution from the skin. Provides extreme nourishment for the eyes with precious Caviar Extract.


Chemical Peel Add-on ($50). Customizable lactic, salicylic, glycolic, and Jessner peels promote repair and regeneration of the skin surface while also improving the appearance of aging skin. Professional chemical peels come in varying intensities—our knowledgeable estheticians determine the appropriate level tailored to your specific skincare concerns. Upgrade with any face treatment.

Silk Peel Add-on ($65). A safe and natural exfoliation that delivers maximum results without exposure to harsh chemicals, and without downtime. This noninvasive treatment decreases the appearance of fine lines, reduces pore size and offers controlled skin abrasion.

Enzyme Add-on ($50). Exfoliating fruit acids and salicylic acid to help break down dead skin cells for smoother skin. Reduces oiliness for a clearer complexion.

LED Light Facial Add-on ($30). Using LED light therapy technology to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and smaller pores.


The Wine Bath Package ($450). Completely unplug and give yourself over to a fully immersive and unforgettable experience for body and mind. From reception to conclusion, we oversee every detail of your day, which includes an array of services that will ultimately leave you feeling fully refreshed.

  • Pre-treatment Request (e.g., Sauna, Steam, Salt Room)
  • 30-min Private Red Wine Soak
  • 45-min Moroccan Salt Scrub
  • 60-min Swedish Massage with SBD Oil
  • 30-min Organic Facial

Designed exclusively for ARIA Ancient Bath, the Red Wine Soak is a unique opportunity to submerge completely in the natural antioxidant properties of red grapes. They neutralize free radicals, and protect the health of your skin against premature aging. When this indulgent experience is over, the result will be extremely soft, smooth, and bright skin, accompanied a feeling of complete relaxation.


Attire: A professional attendant directs you to your personal locker, where you may change into Aria bathrobe and slippers If you are planning to use the Spa Facilities, please bring your own swimming shorts.

Scheduling: The spa experience requires you arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment to give you ample time to go through pre-treatment requisites like sauna, steam, salt room, and consultation. Arriving late will limit the time available for your treatment thus lessening its effectiveness. In the case of late arrival, you will be charged for the full value of your treatment.

Cancelation Policy: Please provide us with at least 24 hours notice if you wish us to reschedule your appointment. To avoid a 50% cancelation fee, please cancel your appointment a minimum of 6 hours before your appointment. A full charge will be imposed for a no-show.

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