We offer light, tasty nutrient  food. The chef and his team are delighted to offer a selection of products prepared with fresh seasonal produce, in compliance with lightness rules.The bio-light menu applies the food philosophy which patients learn during individual sittings with their nutritionist during the all detox process.


Nutritionist accurately selects the type and quality of ingredients, with a watchful eye on combining dishes during the meal.
The menus incorporate the use of organically farmed, antioxidant, hypo-toxic produce with high nutritional properties: the whole, unprocessed ingredients, which conserve all their properties, are of fundamental importance. Huge importance is also given to harmony among the food used, the types of cooking methods and dish presentation. Pleasure is not just in tasting, but also from something to admire. We furnish our guest with tea or some regenerating herbal tea, fresh juice or other healthy drinks that spread around wellness center on separate small tables.

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