It’s that Time Again! Here’s Why Mom Could Use a Massage this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day could instigate a bout of anxiety when you’re not sure what to get. Moms do so much for us, when it is our turn to express the love and gratitude, we don’t want to fall short of all that she deserves. At Aria Medi Spa, we have several treatments that Mom may enjoy. One that tends to get a lot of oohs and aahs is the good old-fashioned massage.

Our menu of services has something for everyone. Deep tissue massage is designed to work out those tense muscles. Hot stone and aromatherapy massage are all about the pampering, and we even have specialized services for moms-to-be! Regardless of which massage mom may like best, there are inherent benefits that will linger long after her day at the spa. These include:

  • Less stress. Everyday stressors can lead any person to become chronically fatigued, to have heart palpitations, and to behave in ways they may not like. During a massage session, muscles are relaxed, and the brain releases endorphins like dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals reduce heart rate and breathing for hours after treatment.
  • Improved immunity. Who takes care of Mom if she gets sick? Most moms have far too much to do to need a forced time-out. Massage has been proven to boost immunity by activating the body’s “killer cells” while reducing T-cells.
  • Improved circulation. Sitting for long hours can cause circulation to pool in certain areas. Massage clears areas of circulatory congestion, aiding in the prevention of spider veins and varicose veins.
  • Better sleep. Every mom needs as much good sleep as she can get. By increasing serotonin and relaxation, massage provides a valuable counterbalance for insomnia.
  • Greater physical comfort. Tight, stressed muscles mean head and neck pain, which can become limiting if not managed. The act of massage works the tension and lactic acid out of overstressed muscles, leading to greater comfort and mobility.

We  have a lots of massage services in our comfortable Sterling spa. Call 703-444-2800 to schedule a visit for you mom – or yourself!


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