July 4 Specials!

Using GentleMax Pro and Alex TriVantage by Candela corporation, the laser treatment process has become less painful. This new equipment allows us to introduce liquid nitrogen along with the laser strike. This resulting in numbing of skin which allows laser to deliver a much higher level of impulse and makes the result more dramatic. We are proud to offer extraordinary deals for a new laser  technology for all skin types.

1.Laser Hair Removal – Six Treatments

Small Areas $135 (Abdominal line, Chin, Ears, Eyebrows, Upper lip, Forehead , Nose, Ears, Mustache, Stomach line, Forehead).


Medium Areas  $245 (Abdomen, Bikini Line, Chest, Breast,  Face, Neck, Feet, Toes, Underarms.)


Large Areas $395 (Arm and Hands, Back, Brazilian, Face & Neck, Upper or Lower Legs)


2. Pigmentation and Age Spot Removal for all Skin Types – two sessions:

Face  $115; Hands and Legs $150; Chest $ 185


3. Black-white and Color Tattoos Removal for all Skin Types – one session:

Up to  2 sq inches  $95;

Up to 4 sq inches –  $ 125.

Above 4 sq inches – $ 20.00 per sq inch.

4.Permanent Makeup Removal for all Skin Types – one session:

Eyebrows $85

Eyeliners lower $105

Lips liners  $115

Full lips – $165






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