Perfect Your Skin With a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are classic skin care techniques that can trace their roots back to the 19th century. They became a classic skin care treatment in the 1990’s and remain popular today for their safe, impressive, affordable results with as little as one treatment.

Medical grade chemical peels safely and efficiently reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots while decreasing blemishes and clogged pores and improving skin tone, color and texture. A chemical peel removes dead skin cells, opening pores and allowing skin care products better penetration improving skin response to those products. At Aria Medi Spa, our chemical peels are customizable and infuse the skin with up to 100 layers of active ingredients in encapsulated spheres that are time released to build collagen and improve tone, giving long-term improvement to skin appearance and health, slowing the signs of aging.

A chemical peel begins with a consultation. Our Master Aesthetician, working under the guidance of Medical Director Dr. Bruce Freedman, will consult with you to discuss your skin care goals. They work with you to optimize the chemical peel that best suits your needs and goals while also considering any adjunct services that will enhance the peel. At Aria, our chemical peels are available in two strengths: The Clinical Couture Advanced Peel or the Clinical Couture Extra Strength Peel. Your Aria Aesthetician will help you determine the best option for your skin based upon your skin care goals, your overall health and the condition of your skin currently.

Once the strength of your chemical peel is chosen, it will further be customized to your individual needs. Using premier Image Skin Care Products, ingredients will be chosen and quantified to perfect your individualized results.

*Plant stem cells and Botanicals – used to illuminate skin and increase cellular turnover.
*Vitamin C and Fruit Based Enzymes – dissolve dead skin cells while improving skin texture.
*Glycolic Acid and Retinol – decrease fine lines and wrinkles.
*Exfoliants – smooth your skin texture and correct uneven skin tone.
*Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid – work synergistically to reduce inflammation and redness, accelerating recovery time.

The first step in the chemical peel process is a thorough cleaning of your skin. When the chemical peel itself is applied, you will first feel a burning sensation that lasts 5-10 minutes. It is followed by a stinging sensation that is closely monitored to ensure desired results. Cool compresses may be utilized to reduce stinging if necessary. Some chemical peels may cause a temporary tingling or throbbing to the skin, reddened skin, peeling or a crust layer, and/or swelling. These are expected to resolve within 3-7 days depending upon the strength of the peel utilized. Your Master Aesthetician will give you individualized expectations for your peel recovery time, when to consider your next peel, as well as skin care products that offer the very latest in anti-aging, balancing, hydrating and illuminating technologies.

Aftercare is essential in optimizing your chemical peel. Your skin may be sensitive and feel similar to a sunburn. Proper sunscreen and avoidance of harsh sun exposure is paramount.

Help For Tattoo Remorse
Getting a tattoo is a bold, daring act. And many people proudly wear their tattoos their entire lives. But if you have a change of heart and want to get rid of the tattoo art that’s inked into your skin, contact Aria MediSpa. They can use their PicoWay laser technology and vast knowledge of skincare to remove any type of tattoo from anywhere on your body and leave your skin looking clean, clear and healthy.



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  1. General Evaluation and Consultation consists of a VISIA Complexion Analysis and Full Body DEXA Composition Test.

  2. VISIA Analysis Scan captures key visual information of your skin, measure your skin pigmentation, pore size,  UV spots, photo damage, texture and wrinkles.

  3. Our Full Body Composition Scan reveals important information regarding body composition, fat, muscle mass, and bone density. 

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