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Our med spa in Virginia offers yoga classes in addition to other services. Yoga is a fantastic type of exercise that is suitable for men or women. In addition to traditional yoga exercise with basic to difficult poses, you can enjoy the benefits of hot yoga at our studio. With yoga, you can enjoy an assortment of benefits for your well-being.

Improving Your Blood Circulation

A yoga routine can improve your body’s blood circulation to create more energy along with warming up your muscles, tendons and joints. If you have mild arthritis, then the basic yoga poses are an excellent choice for increasing your body’s blood flow to help your joint’s heal naturally.



Elimination Of Toxins

Yoga exercise can release the toxins from your body, especially when you are perspiring during a hot yoga session. Hot yoga is intense, and you will want to wear lightweight garments and slip-resistant footwear. Make sure to drink a lot of water before a hot yoga class so that you can release additional damaging toxins.


Increasing Your Lung Capacity

If you tend to slouch while standing or sitting, then several yoga postures can help you learn better posture. You will learn how to extend your neck along with straightening your spine, helping to increase the capacity of your lungs. At the end of a yoga session, you can also practice special breathing techniques, making it easier to have more oxygen in your body.


Tone Your Muscles

When you want to tone the muscles in your body without lifting weights, yoga is a great way to reduce the rippled cellulite fat on your arms, thighs and hips. With the right type of yoga movements, you are stretching your body to exercise the various muscle groups that often become flabby.


Reducing Tissue Edema

If you are retaining water in your body’s tissues, then you may experience swollen feet and ankles. When you participate in a hot yoga class, you will perspire intensely, eliminating the moisture that is in your body’s tissues. After your yoga session ends, notice the condition of your ankles and feet to see how hot yoga is helpful for eliminating water retention.


Additional Energy

To have additional energy throughout the day, schedule a yoga class early in the morning. Eat a light breakfast, and drink a lot of water to prepare for a hot yoga class that offers intense exercise that increases your heart and breathing rates. The energy created by a hot yoga class will last throughout the day.


Flexible Joints

If you feel stiff and uncomfortable while bending over or walking, then yoga exercise at our med spa can improve the flexibility of your joints. The warm temperature in a hot yoga studio is similar to using a heating pad on your stiff knee, elbow and shoulder joints, helping to eliminate discomfort while you perform your daily activities.


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