Evaluation & Test

Initial Evaluation

One of the most important steps staying at ARIA Wellness Center is the initial check-up, which allows us to make an accurate assessment of the guest’s state of health, mental and physical and their level of functional health. Following this, we draw up and present the guest with a program that will fit his requirements.

Nutritionist Consultation

Be empowered to make nutritious healthy food choices that will increase your energy, help you experience weight loss, healthy glowing skin, decreased anxiety and increase your vitality for life. This highly personalized session is designed to inform and inspire you about your food choices and to learn how to enjoy a positive relationship with food. You will be guided through a full nutritional assessment and receive personalised dietary recommendations devised by our expert practitioners within this consultation so that you may incorporate your new healthy food practices at home.

Full body Densitometry test.

The Full body Hologic densitometer measures and analyses an individual’s body composition in terms of water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral and much more. Testing and results are obtained in less than 2 minutes. Once finished the result sheet will give you a comprehensive breakdown of how and where you are holding weight in the body. The scan can also determine the weight of lean muscle mass in each limb to see if there is a postural imbalance that may need to be addressed. It also gives you the chance to monitor your level of body fat and skeletal muscle mass and girth measurements so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition. Included with the scan is an exclusive small group workshop so you can obtain a complete understanding of the results and possible avenues to take to address each area.

Our menu includes over 100 Unique Services:

Skin CareFacial TreatmentsChemical Peels, Permanent Makeup Art, Eyelash Extension, LED Face Mask, Silk Peel Hydration, Injectables, Waxing.
Laser Care: Laser hair removal, Pigmentation and Age Spot Removal, eMatrix  Acne Scar and Acne Spot Removal, PicoWay Tattoos Removal;
Body Care: Massage Therapy, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Body Scrub and Wrap, Day Spas;
Body Shaping: UltraShape Fat reduction, VelaShape Body contouring and Cellulite Treatment;ZERONA® Non-invasive Body Contouring, Body sculpturing Day spa;
Featured: Whole body Anti-Aging CryoTherapy, Salt Room Therapy, Flotation therapy, Kneipp Contrast shower, Sunless Tanning;
Detox: Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy CARACALLA treatment, Seaweed JOUVENCE Wrap Dry Float, Sharko Jet Sower, Lymph Drainage Massage; Evaluation, Nutritionist Consultation, Dietetic Balanced Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerFull body Densitometry Test, Rejuvenation Detox Program, Energy Balance Program, Detox Weight Loss;
Yoga and yoga packages.

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