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The aging process starts to become evident at the age of 35. It slows down the general metabolism, and decreases energy levels and hormone production. In addition, the aging process slows down digestive functions, increasing dehydration of tissues, and stiffness of muscles and joints. As a result, all of our bodily functions decline, and less effectively recognize infection agents and only partially react to them, leading to the accumulation of toxins in fat cells. While fat cells may play an active role in immune system regulation and carry healthy metabolic substances, they can also act as “storehouses” for toxins. These toxins can come from the environment and in the form of xenoestrogens (aggressive estrogen mimics caused by certain chemicals that can lead to reproductive cancer). They can also come from natural hormones, endotoxins from internal bacteria and external molds, and other chemical and hormonal “debris.”
These stored toxins damage your well being  through a multitude of means. If your detoxification pathways are clogged or sluggish, then they will not be able to be excreted in the proper amounts. Likewise, if you have more places for them to be stored (i.e. more fat cells), then this will cause a higher toxic load as well. In this day and age, everyone carries the burden of a potentially higher toxic load – not just those whose work or lifestyle may have them encounter pollutants and not just those who may be overweight or obese. When our bodies are overburdened by toxicity, it can lead to not only feeling drained in general, but also to significant weight gain. At Aria Wellness Center we use a new Total Body Design weight loss program and anti-aging solutions that are able to redesign your body using a combination of spa services and internal body sources.

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