Detox Weight Loss

Detox Weight Loss – 7 Days program $7,350*

Detox program is based on the concept of natural detoxification and deep cleansing of the body using new methods such as Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy, Seaweed Wrap Dry Float, Sauna with Venik, Ritual Experience, Sharko Jet Shower, Contrast Hydrotherapy, Lymph Drainage Massage, Float Therapy in Salt Bath, Salt Room Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, and Sleep Studies. It restores natural metabolism and balance energy circulation. The important effect obtained from the Detox Weight Loss Program at Aria Wellness Center is losing up to 12 lb of weight. To capitalize these significant results achieved, we recommend our guests to follow your new life style and utilize experience received at our Center. Once you return home you should continue our precious diet recommendations because it contains the knowledge acquired during your stay on your body and on the system of maintaining a healthy state, prolonging the benefits of mental and physical well being acquired.

We recommend you pack a bathing suit, tracksuit and running shoes. Guests can have breakfast and lunch in their bathrobe; however for dinner in the dietetic cafe elegant-smart clothing is required.
One of the most important steps staying at ARIA Wellness Center is the initial evaluation, and full body Densitometry which allows us to make an accurate assessment of the guest’s state of health- mental and physical, and their level of functional health. Following this, we design and present the guest with a program that will fit his requirements.
We offer light, tasty nutrient food: Detoxifying Breakfast, Bio-light Lunch, and Dinner.The menu incorporates the use of organically farmed, antioxidant, hypo-toxic produce with high nutritional properties: the whole, unprocessed ingredients, which conserve all their properties, are of fundamental importance.

During seven day stay you will be guided though our Core Treatments:

Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy CARACALLA treatment 20 min – 7 sessions
Seaweed JOUVENCE Wrap Dry Float  20 min – 7 sessions
Sharko Jet shower 10 min – 7 sessions
Lymph Drainage Massage – 60 min – 7 sessions
Kneipp Contrast Shower Therapy 10 min – 7 sessions
Float Therapy 60 min – 3 sessions
Salt room Therapy – 7 sessions
Whole body vibration therapy 10 min – 7 sessions

In addition you will experience our Spa Treatments:

Sauna Ritual Experience with snow infusion 30 min – 5 sessions
Sauna with herbal Venik 30 min – 2 sessions
Aroma Steam Therapy 30 min – 7 sessions
Organic Body Scrub – 1 session
Thai massage 60 min – 1 sessions
Organic Facial – 1 sessions
Zerona body Contouring 45 min – 6 sessions
VelaSpape III Body Shaping -45 min – 6 sessions
Whole body Cryotherapy  5 min – 3 sessions
Hot/ warm Yoga 60 min – 3 sessions
Meditation 30min – 7 sessions
Sleep studies 8 hours – 7 sessions

The important effects obtained from treatments received at Aria Wellness Center is losing up to 12 lb weight and will continue once you return home, follow our professionals  recommendations and advice.  To capitalize this significant results achieved, we recommend our guests to follow your new life style and utilize experience receive at our Center and precious diet recommendation because it contains the knowledge acquired during your stay on your body and on the systems of maintaining a healthy state, prolonging the benefits and mental and physical well being acquired. Please share your personal experience with your friend and relative.

*  Membership price $6,245
* VIP Club Wellness  price $5,880

John Foster
Leesburg, VA

It all started with a Groupon, and now I can’t stop going! I originally bought the Groupon Detox Day Spa package, which led me to their website. Although I bought my Groupon first, I used it last. Let me explain: When I went on the website to find out there hours, I saw they had some specials going on. One in particular stood out to me, weight loss program, so I bought it, booked an appointment for that week. I was skeptical with my entire attempt to lose weight and now I am so relaxed and so happy!! Lost 12 pounds…So I went back touch up detox 3h deal and, the experience was amazing! The provider at spa so kind, informative, and always making sure you are comfortable and relax! As for the spa itself: Everything is so clean, they keep you on schedule but never rush you or take time away from your appointments, the staff is so friendly and accommodating, and my over all experience was fantastic!!! This is my advice: If you want lose weight call ARIA.

Our menu includes over 100 Unique Services:

Skin CareFacial TreatmentsChemical Peels, Permanent Makeup Art, Eyelash Extension, LED Face Mask, Silk Peel Hydration, Injectables, Waxing.
Laser Care: Laser hair removal, Pigmentation and Age Spot Removal, eMatrix  Acne Scar and Acne Spot Removal, PicoWay Tattoos Removal;
Body Care: Massage Therapy, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Body Scrub and Wrap, Day Spas;
Body Shaping: UltraShape Fat reduction, VelaShape Body contouring and Cellulite Treatment;ZERONA® Non-invasive Body Contouring, Body sculpturing Day spa;
Featured:Whole body Anti-Aging CryoTherapy, Salt Room Therapy, Flotation therapy, Kneipp Contrast shower, Sunless Tanning;
Detox: Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy CARACALLA treatment, Seaweed JOUVENCE Wrap Dry Float, Sharko Jet Sower, Lymph Drainage Massage; Evaluation, Nutritionist Consultation, Dietetic Balanced Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerFull body Densitometry Test, Rejuvenation Detox Program, Energy Balance Program, Detox Weight Loss;
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