What You Need to Know

If you’re new to a yoga practice, please, follow the simple guidelines.

Please, arrive on time and bring your own props.

Hot Yoga - mat, large towel, water, clothes you are comfortable to sweat in.

Vinyasa Yoga - mat, towel, water, blocks, straps.

Gentle Slow Flow Yoga - mat, towel, water, blocks, straps and bolsters or blankets.

Yin Yoga - mat, towel, water, block, bolsters, straps, blankets and comfortable clothes.

Yoga For Golfers - mat, towel, water, blocks, straps, golf club is optional.

Pilates - mat, towel, water.

Barre Class - mat, towel, water.

Meditation - mat, towel, water, blanket, pillow, eye pillow, bolster.



Please, remove your shoes when you enter the yoga room. Please, turn off your cell phone and conversation to the minimum while in the yoga room. Please, try to stay quiet. We kindly ask you to not wear strong perfumes or fragrances. Please, stay in the yoga room during the class. If you need a break, just sit down on your yoga mat and relax. Frequent opening and closing the doors may disturb the students who are in the meditative state of mind.



Please, come prepared for the class and prepare your body for the yoga practice, meditation in motion. Please, hydrate continuously during the whole day. Please, drink enough water and replenish your body with electrolytes. Great source or magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamin C, you can find in coconut water, kombucha, juices, sport drinks. You can prepare your own electrolytes too - sea salt, water, lime and honey. Mix it, drink it, tastes wonderful! Please, avoid heavy foods 2-3 hours prior the class. Please, don't come hungry either. Bananas, yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you enough energy for your practice.




Send us an email after class and tell us what you liked – and what you didn’t. We always want to serve you better and better. Thank you!

  • Day time classes are slower, evenings are busier. Make sure you reserve your spot online, in person, or call our front desk concierge (703)- 444-2800.
  • Please, wear proper yoga clothes. Not too loose, not too bulky, not too tight.
  • Thank you!

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