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Wouldn't it be nice to luxuriate in steam bath that not only brings wellness to the body, but also rests the mind even just for a little while? Of course, you would love to! Everyone deserves a break, and aroma steam sauna bath is one good treat you can give yourself.

The new pearl in our sauna area is “Ritual Infusion Experience; hot air drift  and snow” at 160°F, 15–60% humidity.
The interior walls and seating steps around the infusion stove are made of brown Cedar  wood. The architecture creates a unique atmosphere and provides the scope for lighting effects in keeping with the infusions. Background music completes the ceremony and transforms your time in the sauna into a multi-sensory experience.

ritual experience

Relax your muscles and improve the elasticity of tendons and ligaments at a soothing temperature of 160°F and an air humidity of 60%. Essential oils and secret water mix and snow infusions or fantasy journeys bring unalloyed relaxation. Ritual  treatment stimulates your cardiovascular system and boosts the immune system. Pleasant, seasonal infusions take place hourly.

Russian Aromatherapy Sauna at 160°F, 15–60% humidity is a unique, ancient and powerful Russian Bath (or “Venik” massage) that relaxes the mind, awakens the skin, and relieves the everyday aches and pains through traditional methods. An essential part of a Russian bath is the “Venik”. A “Venik” is a fragrant bundle of leafy birch or oak tree twigs.

It cleanses the skin, accelerates healing of wounds and scratches, and it smells wonderful.
Our trained therapists massage you from head to toe, creating a pathway to ultimate wellness. First the therapist lightly flutters the “Venik” like butterfly wings just above your body, warming your skin.

russian bath

Once your skin is heated, the “Venik” is gently pressed against your body and brushed from side to side from your neck to toes and back again.  Next, the “Venik” is shaken high in the air to gather more heat and then firmly pressed against your waist, shoulders, feet or knees for a few seconds, compressing heat into the joints. Finally, as if in a gentle breeze, the soft leaves lightly slide and strike the skin with an intermingling of stroking and compression techniques.

1 HR

Sauna with Venik
  • Per Person - $135
  • Per Couple - $195

3 HR

Group of 3-4
  • Therapist - $395
  • No Therapist - $295

3 HR

Group of 5-6
  • Therapist - $595
  • No Therapist - $495


The cedar cabinet Siberian “Bochka” release organic phytoncides, decreasing growth and development of pathogens in the body. During the steam infusion you will receive an organic herbal steam treatment which will deeply heat your body and will help reduce the symptoms of a cold, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, and related diseases, as well as aid in weight loss and cellulite reduction.

How beneficial to the body is aroma steam sauna? Here is a list of four benefits enjoyed by those who have made it part of their wellness regimen:
A relaxing treat. Steam Saunas are generally designed for either relaxation or restorative treatment of bodily functions.

sculpting images

It is often recommended for people suffering from arthritis, allergic rhinitis, including those with cardiovascular concerns. A simple sauna session has many health advantages, but its immediate effect on the body is relaxation of stressed out nerves and muscles. It is also known to have a calming effect on the brain.


Cryotherapy – $65
Organic Seasonal Facial – $145
Organic Body Scrub & Wrap – $125
Aromatherapy Massage (60 min) – $145
Inversion Stretch Chair Massage – $30
Reflexology Foot Massage – $75
Floatation Therapy (30 min) – $50



With the right combination of our medical spa services and high quality skin care, you can achieve and maintain a younger, refreshed look, and the confidence that comes with it.

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