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Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. For the most part, it happens slowly, quietly over time. We are often so busy dealing with those factors that actually caused the weight in the first place — stress, overwork, eating on the go, poor sleep — we don’t notice until we reach for our favorite jeans and they are…snug.

At Aria, we understand weight loss also takes time, and it can be tough to get started. Our expert clinicians have developed new MAX Programs to help you eliminate stubborn fat and lose weight. Combining our Signature Services with professional body shaping, you can choose from different packages — individual or combined for optimal results — to achieve the level of weight loss that’s right for you.

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Our MAX Programs are designed to be a comprehensive weight loss system. For the most effective, long-lasting results, we recommend our 3-step process.

Step 1

Weight Loss Consultation

A detailed preliminary consultation with an Aria clinician is available to determine the best program based on needs and weight loss goals; includes health history, measurements and Full Body Composition Dexa Scan. $165 | Book now

Step 2

MAX Body Preparation Programs

3 or 6-month full-service detoxification programs of powerful spa treatments unlock fat cells, remove toxins, and prepare the body for laser treatments.

3-Month MAX Body Preparation Program

For those who are overweight and want to prepare the body to lose up to 20 lbs.

  • 10 weekly treatments — Hydrotherapy + Seaweed Wrap + Sharko Shower + Cupping Massage
  • 10 sessions — Yoga

3 months — $2355 (value of $3350)
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6-Month MAX Body Preparation Program

For individuals interested in maximum weight loss, who want to prepare the body to lose up to 40 lbs.

  • 20 weekly treatments — Hydrotherapy + Seaweed Wrap + Sharko Shower + Cupping Massage
  • 20 sessions — Yoga

6 months — $4215 (value of $6485)
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Step 3

MAX ONE, TWO, FOUR and BEST Programs

Follow up Step 2 with reinforcing detoxing services + a scheduled regimen of our professional body shaping treatments: UltraShape, VelaShape, and Evolve Transform.

MAX ONE Program

For people who want to get rid of stubborn fat.

  • 6 weekly treatments — Hydrotherapy + Seaweed Wrap + Sharko Shower + Cupping Massage
  • 3 sessions – UltraShape
  • 6 sessions – VelaShape

1 month — $3775 (value of $5595)
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MAX TWO Program

For individuals with extra weight who want to lose up to 10-15 lbs. 

  • 10 weekly treatments — Hydrotherapy + Seaweed Wrap + Sharko Shower + Cupping Massage
  • 3 sessions – UltraShape
  • 6 sessions – VelaShape
  • 4 sessions – Evolve Transform
  • 5 sessions – Yoga

2 months — $4995 (value of $9115)
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MAX FOUR Program

For those who are overweight and want to lose up to 20-25 lbs. 

  • 14 weekly treatments — Hydrotherapy + Seaweed Wrap + Sharko Shower + Cupping Massage
  • 3 sessions – UltraShape
  • 10 sessions – VelaShape
  • 4 sessions – Evolve Transform
  • 10 sessions – Yoga

4 months — $5995 (value of $10650)
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MAX BEST Program

A maintenance program for people who lost weight and want to keep desirable body shape.

  • 12 monthly treatments — VelaShape,  Hydrotherapy + Seaweed Wrap + Sharko Shower + Cupping Massage
  • 30 sessions – Yoga

$3295 (value of $5400)
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How Our Weight Loss Programs Work

Fat accumulates in the body when the toxins we build up do not get eliminated fast enough relative to the amount and types of foods we eat.

For instance, it takes 6 hours for our digestive system to process 8 oz of red meat, but it takes the body 48–60 hours to remove the toxins generated by that same meal. As a result, the body directs those toxins to and stores them in fat cells, which lock up and grow over time. The only way to reduce the fat cells is to remove the trapped toxins and release the good fat that is pure food and energy for the body.

The body naturally detoxes from 8pm to 4am, but this is often insufficient, or interrupted, depending on our lifestyles and quality of sleep. That is why the detoxification preparation programs are an important component for overall weight loss. They help stimulate and prolong detoxification to supplement the body’s natural process.

sharko shower 2

Weekly Treatments

This powerful combination of services prepares the body by removing toxins from all organs, blood and lymph streams.

  • Hydrotherapy — Our custom-made European bath features 260 individual water nozzles and 50 dedicated air nozzles that produce intense pulsating massage, along with a water Detox solution, to stimulate and open fat cells and encourage drainage into the lymph stream. During 20-min. hydrotherapy session, ten different zones are treated covering 20 parts of the body, ranging from the soles of the feet up to the shoulders. It removes toxins from up to 5 ml deep on the body's surface.
  • Seaweed Body Wrap — An all-natural way to decrease excess water weight from your body, detoxify and boost your metabolism. At the beginning of the session, you rest on a solid cushion of air, which is the perfect foundation for a body wrap. Once the wrap has been applied, the cushion slowly releases air to lower you into a pleasantly heated water cushion. This enhances blood circulation and opens the pores of the skin, releasing toxic lymphatic substances from the lymph stream of your body.
  • Sharko Shower — A high-pressure water stream is applied for an extra-strong massage over the patient’s entire body. The device is administered from a distance of 8.5 – 10 feet, and uses a water pressure of 1.5-3 atmospheres and water at a temperature of 60° – 68 °F. Sharko attacks fat cell packets, making them smaller, and increasing blood and lymph circulation.
  • Steam Room — A 20-min. session that increases heart rate to 100/min, enhances lymph and blood circulation, opens the pores of the skin, and detoxes airways and the body.
  • Kneipp Contrast Shower - A 4-part treatment achieved with hot and cold water dousing the whole body. Contrasting therapy is the best part of detoxification weight loss as it easily stimulates blood circulation and metabolism while completely invigorating the body. Step 1: top cold and foot hot water; Step 2: top hot and foot cold water; Step 3: top cold and foot hot water; Step 4: top hot and foot cold water, 1 minute hot and cold treatment bringing heart rate to 110/min.
  • Sauna — Session is for 20 minutes, and continues to keep the heart rate high, and blood circulating.
  • Cupping Massage — A specific massage treatment that encourages lymphatic flow. Cupping suction helps to open lymph nodes allowing the powerful lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body.

Bodyshaping Treatments

If your weight loss goal involves losing more than 20 lbs, we recommend you consider a bodyshaping treatment, like UltraShape, VelaShape or Evolve Transform. Do so in conjunction with the body preparation program to remove toxins from the fat cells as much as possible. The 2-step process will yield the most effective results.

  • UltraShape — The patented technology uses a handheld ultrasonic transducer to deliver controlled, pulsed, focused ultrasound at a precise depth within the fat layer. The technology is selective, meaning that only fat cells are broken down.
  • VelaShape — It combines three mechanisms: infrared light energy, bipolar radiofrequency electrical energy, and suction massage to heat the fat, collagen, and connective tissue below the skin to therapeutic levels  for reducing both cellulite and the circumference of the abdomen and thighs.
  • Evolve Transform — An innovative procedure that builds and strengthens muscles while enhancing the appearance of your skin and treating fat without needles or surgery.

Aria’s MAX Programs are judgment-free weight-loss initiatives to get your body back on track to being the best version of itself.

Pick your MAX Program and get your journey started today. Call us at 703-444-2800.

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What to expect during your consultation…

  1. General Evaluation and Consultation consists of a VISIA Complexion Analysis and Full Body DEXA Composition Test.

  2. VISIA Analysis Scan captures key visual information of your skin, measure your skin pigmentation, pore size,  UV spots, photo damage, texture and wrinkles.

  3. Our Full Body Composition Scan reveals important information regarding body composition, fat, muscle mass, and bone density. 

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