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Aria Wellness Center and 007 Benefit have teamed up to bring you the Executive Wellness Club, EWC,  is a luxury wellness, weight control, and fitness program which has been carefully curated for business executives and professionals looking to improve their overall quality of health, lifestyle, and appearance. The program is designed to maintain wellness on an ongoing and consistent basis, which is key to achieving ultimate success. EWC provides the amenities, direction, and support you need to get in shape for all your upcoming events.

Congratulations on Your Business Success!

You have achieved your dreams by owning your own business — or getting that penthouse corner office. Your investment in years of shaping the company, traveling around the world, brokering business contracts, satisfying customers, and keeping your family happy — all contributed to your business success.
However, with only 24 hours in a day, endless breakfast-Bloody Marys, lunch with clients, and networking over dinner with martinis have taken a toll on your health. A demanding business schedule leaves little time for taking care of your wellness, weight control, and fitness. Moreover, the business dynamo’s lifestyle is a dangerous cocktail of stress, pressure to achieve, and time demands from multiple sources.

If you are at the stage to commit the time and effort to improving your wellness —  ready to establish a personal goal to reduce stress and improve your health – Executive Wellness Club is ready to help you achieve your goal. Aria MediSpa, Yoga & Wellness Center has developed an exclusive, luxury 1-year wellness program which has been specifically designed for business executives and professionals looking to improve their overall appearance, lifestyle, and health— on an ongoing and consistent basis— for ultimate success.
Aria Wellness Center will donate a percentage of EWC memberships to 007.

About the Program

Executive Wellness Club (EWC) is a methodical program which follows a healthy approach that complements your busy work schedule, and includes:

ΠBaseline assessment of your body

 Effective detox program

Ž Nutrition education

 Body sculpting & contouring

 Relaxation spa treatments

‘ Weight loss (if needed)

’ On-site overnight accommodation (conveniently located 5 miles away from Dulles International Airport)aria executive web

“ Virtual support & coaching (to keep you focused)

” Enthusiastic support and access to the EWC Community of executives who

have successfully regained control of their wellness and promote work/life/fitness balance.

• Meal delivery (if needed)

Detailed information about the program is in the brochure below, or click here to download.

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