Flotation Room Therapy

In March Aria MediSpa schedule to open Flotation Room Therapy. Our large flotation room with controlled environments can fit single, couple or even family of three people. With Himalayan  Salt  wall the flotation room  has special sound effects with harmonic lighting . You will be floating, but with a rather large twist.During a float session, clients enter float room and lie in of water, heated to body temperature, and mixed with 2000 pounds of magnesium  salts. This mix creates an amazingly buoyant, low gravity environment where clients float on the surface of the water effortlessly. The low gravity environment lets your body escape the constant push of gravity and its effects.

Float Session for one – 60 min $105
Float Session for Couple – 60 min $175
Float Session for Family of 3 – 60 min $195

Flotation Room Day Spa 3hr $215
Couple Flotation Day Spa 3hr $395

– Float Room therapy
– Sauna 20 min
– Cold Shower
– Contrast hydrotherapy
– 60-minute Swedish massage

By closing the door in the flotation room, you are now escaping the outside world. Devoid of light, sound and touch your mind is free to focus, visualize, learn, heal and most importantly unwind – also known as sensory deprivation.
A therapeutic session in a flotation room typically lasts an hour. For the first forty minutes, it is reportedly possible to experience itching in various parts of the body. The last twenty minutes often end with a transition from beta or alpha brainwaves to theta, which typically occurs briefly before sleep and again at waking. In a flotation bath, the theta state can last indefinitely without the subject losing consciousness.

The relaxed state also involves lowered blood pressure and maximum blood flow. The idea of active floating is that, when the body is relaxed, the mind becomes highly suggestible and any action taken during these states will enter the information into the sub-conscious. The water pressure on the immersed skin is lower than the blood pressure and thus blood flow continues in skin capillaries. When floating there is no tendency to adjust posture and a person can float immobile for many hours.

The natural tendency of the body in the floating posture at the correct temperature is to dilate the blood vessels, reducing the blood pressure and maximizing blood flow. The brain activity normally associated with postural muscles is reduced to a minimum. In this state, which we can call the floating state, natural endorphins are released reducing.

Due to the high salt levels in the water, the flotation bath creates a zero gravity environment. Unless you are an astronaut the flotation tank is the only situation you will encounter where your body is free from gravity. When you start to float you are free from all the gravity computations and the physical world, which leaves the brain free to attend to other matters. The brains normal workload is reduced by up to 90%. In this situation, the body conserves energy and has a chance to heal and rejuvenate itself.



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