How Yoga and Meditation can Compliment a Busy Work Life

Yoga Studio Ashburn VAWe seem to hear quite a bit about the expansive benefits of relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation; benefits including self-control, improved mood, and reduced stress responses. These are excellent benefits to obtain, especially in our society that demands more work than play. Because many people view meditative activities as just that, meditation, we think it can be advantageous to discuss how yoga and meditation can support the busy life you may be living.

How Yoga and Meditation Work


Yoga has recently come to the forefront of the health and fitness world as a great way to exercise. There’s much more to the practice than moving the body. This ancient practice that originated in India is utilized to connect mind and body, to help humans make contact with the inner Self through physical movement and breathing.


Meditation has roots in Buddhism but has very little to do with a formalized religious or spiritual dogma. Any person can meditate and gain immense benefit from the practice of stillness. When we meditate, what we’re doing is becoming mindful of the breath and body sensations as a method of decreasing the mental chatter that occurs in a continuous loop in the conscious mind.

When we become more relaxed in general by practicing yoga and meditation, we gain benefits that expand into every area of life. At work, relaxation practice translates into:


In a 2017 study, researchers discovered that 24 percent of a body of employees spanning 39 companies and various sectors of business were in a state of “hyperstress.” This level of stress is one in which health is at risk. Studies also reveal that stressed people are less productive people. Yoga and meditation have been proven to promote serenity and clarity of mind, two characteristics that support productivity.

Where does all this productivity come from? It’s a matter of details. According to multiple studies, people who engage in a relaxation practice such as yoga or meditation, or both, enjoy:

  • Improved attention span and memory recall
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Increased impulse control
  • Improved sense of calm and reduced stress responses

We have yet to reach a place where all companies have integrated relaxation practices into their work environment. In the interim, there are classes such as our yoga and meditation combo to keep you from reaching a point of burnout in work or life.

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