Is Your Body Asking for a Detox?

At this time of year, many people turn their attention to health and wellness. Typically, this has involved strategies to look younger and slimmer. There are several diet and exercise plans to choose from, but that may not be the best first step. Here at ARIA, clients interested in a reboot may be most interested in starting their new year with a detox. In addition to a multi-day detox program, we also offer a one-day event that provides clients with the foundation for wellness in a manner that doesn’t take time out of their busy schedule.

Customized Programs for Each Client

If you were to read certain articles or look on store shelves at the various detox products that are out there, you may get the wrong impression about what true detoxification and rejuvenation are all about. In our spa setting, we begin our one-day detox program by getting to know the unique biologic, dermatologic, and cosmetic requirements of the person sitting in front of us. We achieve this via a full-body composition assessment utilizing the Hologic densitometer. This sophisticated technology measures body composition and provides important data regarding the weight that the body is holding. In less than 5 minutes, we have a clear understanding of weight distribution between bones, muscle tissue, fat, protein, water, and more.

One-Day Detox Treatments

Our accelerated detox program involves several pampering wellness treatments. These include our core treatments of:

  • Aroma hydrotherapy CARACALLA treatment in a comfortable jetted tub. Treatment provides a soothing underwater massage via over 250 water nozzles.
  • Seaweed wrap and dry float session. A seaweed wrap provides moisture to the skin and also addresses water retention. While the seaweed wrap is on, clients enjoy the sensation of floating on our adjustable air-cushion table.
  • Lymph system stimulation. We promote lymph drainage first with massage and then with a short Sharko Shower. Proper lymph drainage means fewer problems with cellulite.

It is possible to achieve significant results in a one-day detox program when it is customized to stimulate multiple processes. In addition to the core treatments mentioned here, clients also enjoy one hour in a float tank, an organic facial, a sauna ritual experience, and a brief cryotherapy session. Light meals are provided, as well.

Kick off your new year right. Schedule a one-day or multiple-day detox in our Sterling, VA MediSpa at 703-444-2800.

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