Laser Hair Removal Using Gentle Max Pro Technology

laser hair removal

Aria MediSpa Gentle Max Pro Laser Treatment

At Aria MediSpa, we offer our clients a menu of selections for laser hair removal.

GentleMax Pro is the best technology available today. It was first developed to provide clients with the ultimate treatment experience. Things like fewer session times and increased comfort were at the top of that list.

When it comes to safety and patient satisfaction, we couldn’t be more excited to offer you even more advantages from this revolutionary laser.

Beauty Investment

Depending upon the treatment area, laser hair removal can take just minutes or around an hour per session. The larger the laser treatment capability, the quicker the session, and the less cost per treatment. Those looking to get the most out of their beauty investment are in for a treat. Compared with the costs of waxing, shaving supplies and maintenance, this medispa regime is economical, and it takes place in a relaxing, day-spa setting.

GentleMax Pro Laser Hair Removal

GentleMax Pro hair removal is recommended for those seeking:

  • Leg, Underarm Hair Removal
  • Body, Back Hair Removal
  • Smooth Results for Any Skin Tone, Especially Darker Complexions; and
  • Beard Bumps (PFB)

Bonus, this revolutionary Alexandrite laser also treats leg veins. Opting for laser hair removal is a medical treatment. At Aria Medispa, our medical aestheticians deliver treatment appropriate to coarse hair and the deepest skin tones. Providing our clients with favorable, long-lasting results is always the ultimate goal.


Safe, Effective Hair Removal

GentleMax Pro technology treats and removes hair on a wider surface than previous lasers. It safely gets rid of hair on a 5mm spot diameter per pulse by delivering heat and then cool-air, giving the client greater comfort and smoother surface results.

In a short session time, bursts of concentrated (light) energy are able to successfully treat individual hair follicles and give clients smooth, even-toned complexion results over their body. After treatment, hairs that later come back are remarkably lighter, softer, and result in minimal maintenance. Best results always take fewer sessions with GentleMax Pro.

GentleMax Pro Advantages

  • Precision
  • Speed
  • Lasts 6 – 12 Months
  • Permanent Smoother Texture

Dare we say, pleasant hair removal for all skin types is the greatest advantage here.

The pain from laser removal has always been significantly less than other methods like waxing. However, the rubber band-snapping sensation, while tolerable, was never all that great. The GentleMax Pro Laser results in far less discomfort because of its patented built-in cooling technology.

Darker complexions that previously required additional care to even-out skin tone are now beautifully seamless from the first sessions. There are no more bumps or irritation that other lasers can leave behind. Our friendly Aria MediSpa team is excited to provide you with our exceptional treatment packages today.

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