Lip Augmentation is a Hot Trend! Here’s What you Should Know.

If you are someone who likes to browse magazines as you stand in the checkout line, you have no doubt been privileged to observe the lovely faces of the Kardashian sisters. In recent months, it was half-sister Kylie Jenner that made headlines with her admission of lip augmentation using temporary soft tissue fillers. The 17-year-old’s openness about the changes in her face have set off a firestorm of both criticism and intense interest. Almost daily, we receive requests for more information on lip enhancement, and we are more than happy to provide the details you need to know if lip augmentation with dermal fillers is right for you.

Lip Augmentation isn’t for Everyone

Although lip augmentation is a trendy cosmetic procedure for the modern woman, that does not mean that every person will look better if they add volume to their lips. There are specific concerns for which this procedure is appropriate. These include:

  • Asymmetry. One side of the mouth is higher than the other.
  • Thinning lips.
  • Poorly defined borders around the lips.
  • Fine lines around the mouth, such as smoker’s lines.
  • Deflation or lack of volume related to aging.

Many women have attempted to address concerns related to the size, shape, and prominence of their lips with topical plumping products. The temporary results, for the most part, tend to be a bit too temporary for most. Professional treatment with an appropriate soft-tissue filler is longer lasting and more efficient.

Is it Right for You?

If you have been considering the lip augmentation procedure, chances are you would appreciate the results achieved with temporary lip fillers. The goal in our treatment process is to add volume to the right places with the right product. Our careful technique and observation of immediate results avoids overfilling, a la Lisa Rinna (who recently had the size of her lips reduced).

Bring out the best in your lips! Schedule a consultation where you can discuss your concerns with our experienced staff. We will devise a plan that meets your expectations for natural, full and luscious lips. Call our Sterling office at 703-444-2800.

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