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Massage therapists near Manassas VA and spa professionals are an important part of your healthcare team. Maintaining good self-care doesn’t only include regular exercise and a healthy diet. Pampering yourself from time to time is as equally important. Relaxation is necessary to reduce the negative effects of stress. It can lower blood pressure, improve concentration and mood, and reduce muscle pain and tension. Most spas offer treatments such as electrolysis, facials, manicures and pedicures, massage therapy, makeup application, body treatments, aromatherapy, and hair services. However, high-end spas can offer their clients so much more when it comes to skin enrichment.

Many upscale spas such as Aria Medi Spa near Manassas VA , are offering clinical treatments with plastic surgeons or medical aestheticians. They use state-of-the-art equipment to perform laser treatments, chemical peels, and tattoo removal. They offer a concierge service and a yoga fitness center. The following are additional services you can benefit from at the spa:


Whole body CryoTherapy near Manassas VA are a great way to loosen up your body and resolve painful issues throughout the joints and other painful areas, alleviating pain and soreness throughout. CryoTherapy are commonly used for facials as they work to tighten the ores and reduce puffiness and inflammation throughout affected areas in the face. As a result, your face looks refreshed and youthful and you will notice an immediate difference. CryoTherapy near Manassas VA can also be used on specific areas of the body that are causing you pain or that you would like worked on for aesthetic purposes. For example, if you are overusing a certain joint in your body and it has been causing you pain, using one of our treatments can often give you the relief you need. Another great purpose for CryoTherapy near Manassas VA is that they have anti-aging.


Thai massage near Manassas VA is a unique massage experience that will facilitate deep relaxation while wiping away your stresses. This massage is enjoyed comfortably in loose fitted clothing.The famous Thai massage techniques incorporate stretching, palming, and pressure points over the entire body.
The ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is amazing and highly therapeutic.This massage is perfect for those with tight or achy muscles including those who suffer from back, shoulder, or neck pain and headaches.Thai massage practitioner near Manassas VA will provide a massage over the entire body to ensure all areas of concern are addressed. Each massage will be customized to meet your specific goals.


For over 4 years the Aria weight Loss Center near Manassas VA has changed lives, offering the quality time to relax, disconnect from the pressures of daily life, seek positive change and improve health and fitness. ARIA weight loss program near Manassas VA is a place where you can feel at home, change gear and start to care for yourself. Let go, relax in the intimacy of your room and immerse yourself in services designed specifically to offer you an unforgettable stay. Our highly qualified team of inspiring specialists offer dedicated support and attention, bringing warmth and friendliness to all they do. From their knowledge and wisdom you will be empowered to make positive lifestyle changes and enable you to achieve your individual health goals.


The Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy treatment near Manassas VA offers various options for a relaxing underwater massage. The tub contains 50 air nozzles and 260 water nozzles that can be customized based on your personal needs. The massage covers 20 parts of your body and begins with light strokes of the tissues and muscles. The Seaweed JOUVENCE wrap will deplete your body of excess water weight, which will detoxify your body while enhancing the look and feel of your skin.


You can have an undesirable laser hair and Tattoo  tattoo removed near Manassas VA with the PicoWay laser. The PicoWay tattoo removal process is virtually painless and fast. It can also be used to remove freckles, age spots, and other pigmented lesions. Laser hair removal is performed using the GentleMax Pro laser and can be done on any part of your body.


Ultrashape near Manassas VA kills fat cells in a matter of weeks. Other technology can take up to 2 to 3 months to produce results. Ultrashape is designed for women and men who are looking to remove stubborn body fat without surgery. It works best when treating love handles, the abdomen, and thighs. VelaShape III is another option used to remove fat and contour the body. Velashape near Manassas VA causes deep heating of the fat cells and the underlying dermal fibers. It’s easy to use, comfortable and requires no downtime. The deep penetration of the heat increases circulation and cellular metabolism.


A normal flotation therapy room near Manassas VA can hold a single person or couple in an environmentally controlled environment. During a flotation therapy session, you lie in water that is heated to your body temperature and mixed with Himalayan magnesium salts. Floating for long periods of time allows your body to escape the constant push of gravity. Staying in this relaxed state can lower your blood pressure and maximize blood flow.

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