Our Favorite New Winter Ritual is Steamy — Aria’s Royal Aromatherapy Sauna With Venik!

Winter wellness starts with steam! Aria’s New Royal Aromatherapy Sauna With Venik is a unique, ancient, and powerful Russian bath with an oak bath whisk massage that relaxes the mind, awakens the skin, and relieves everyday aches and pains through traditional methods.

Steeped in herbal aromatics, surrender yourself, step by step, to this luxurious steamy ritual that provides a powerful combination of mind-body-spirit benefits…

Step 1

Pre-Sauna Relaxation

Enjoyed with aromatic tea and healthy sweets, the ritual begins.

Step 2

Sauna Session

You’re enveloped in a hug of heat — 160°F, with 15–60% humidity — perfumed with aromatherapy oils and resting on a pillow made of eucalyptus to energize and strengthen health.

Step 3

Honey + Salt Body Treatment

This organic combination is no accident! The unique, magical and medicinal properties of honey are amplified by the salt that when blended, penetrates the skin to release and absorb impurities needed for boosting immunity, relaxation, relieving muscle spasms, and detoxification.

Step 4

Coffee + Mint Skin Cleansing

Our special loofah gently cleans, nourishes, and smooths the skin, improving its structure and complexion, regenerating collagen and toning capillaries, reducing cellulite dimpling, and eliminating excess toxins. Better than any exfoliation!

Step 5

Venik Application

With skin nicely warmed, so begins a complex dance of intermingling strokes and compression techniques to infuse the body with healing pressure and heat. The Venik is gently pressed against your body and brushed from side to side from your neck to toes and back again. Next, the Venik is shaken high in the air to gather more heat and then firmly pressed against your waist, shoulders, feet or knees for a few seconds, compressing heat into the joints. Finally, as if in a gentle breeze, the soft leaves lightly slide and strike the skin.

Step 6

Cool Down

Complete your wellness journey with snow infusions, low-temp plunge shower and cooling pool to delight and stimulate your cardiovascular system and boost immunity.

Step 7

Tea Ceremony

The relaxation ritual comes full circle.

  • 60 min — $250
  • 60 min, couple — $450
  • 180 min, 3 people with a therapist — $695
Signature Service Add-Ons

Give yourself over completely with any of these additional delights:

  • Organic Seasonal Facial — $145
  • Organic Body Scrub & Wrap — $145
  • Aromatherapy Massage (60 min) — $145
  • Inversion Stretch Chair Massage — $30
  • Reflexology Foot Massage — $85
  • Floatation Therapy (30 min) — $50
Membership Benefits

Join and take advantage of additional savings.

Aria’s Royal Aromatherapy Sauna With Venik is a MUST to support health and healing this season. Schedule your luxurious ritual today and surrender to the steam!

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  3. Our Full Body Composition Scan reveals important information regarding body composition, fat, muscle mass, and bone density. 

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