Ritual Experience. Hot Air Drift and Snow Infusion.

The new pearl in our sauna area is “Ritual Experience with Hot Air Drift  and Snow Infusion” at 160°F, 15–60% humidity 30 min $25

The interior walls and seating steps around the infusion stove are made of Cedar wood. The architecture creates a unique atmosphere and provides the scope for lighting effects in keeping with the infusions. Background music completes the ceremony and transforms your time in the sauna into a multi-sensory experience. Relax your muscles and improve the elasticity of tendons and ligaments at a soothing temperature of 160°F and an air humidity of 60%. Essential oils and secret water mix and snow, singing-bell meditations, night-cap infusions or fantasy journeys bring unalloyed relaxation at the end of the day. Ritual  treatment stimulates your cardiovascular system and boosts the immune system. Pleasant, seasonal infusions take place hourly.

Aromatherapy and Herbal  Venik Treatment: 35/45/60 min $50/$60/$70

Russian Aromatherapy Sauna at 160°F, 15–60% humidity is a unique, ancient and powerful Russian Bath (or “Venik” massage) that relaxes the mind, awakens the skin, and relieves the everyday aches and pains through traditional methods. An essential part of a Russian bath is the “Venik”. A “Venik” is a fragrant bundle of leafy birch or oak tree twigs. It cleanses the skin, accelerates healing of wounds and scratches, and it smells wonderful. “Venik” improves blood circulation, intensifies the
skin’s capillary activities and helps the body’s metabolism. “Venik” leaves release phytoncides which are biological active substances that kill or depress the growth and development of pathogens. Essential oils released by “Venik” improve metabolism and prevent premature aging of the skin. The “Venik” also helps with muscle and joint pain. Its special virtue is that it widens the small bronchi, aiding in the removal of phlegm and improves the ventilation of the lungs.  The leaves of the “Venik” contain essential oils as well as vitamins A and C. Using the prepared “Venik” along with authentic ancient techniques, our trained therapists massage you from head to toe, creating a pathway to ultimate wellness. First the therapist lightly flutters the “Venik” like butterfly wings just above your body, warming your skin. Once your skin is heated, the “Venik” is gently pressed against your body and brushed from side to side from your neck to toes and back again.  Next, the “Venik” is shaken high in the air to gather more heat and then firmly pressed against your waist, shoulders, feet or knees for a few seconds, compressing heat into the joints. Finally, as if in a gentle breeze, the soft leaves lightly slide and strike the skin with an intermingling of stroking and compression techniques.

Siberian  Bochka (Steam Barrel)  20 min  $50

The cedar cabinet Siberian “Bochka” and herbal leaves release organic phytoncides, decreasing growth and development of pathogens in the body. Essential oils are also released, preventing premature aging of the skin.
The agreeable temperature of 150°F and 100% air humidity have a beneficial effect on the muscles and skin, healing earth applications and a range of body skin  and peelings rank among the daily highlights in the steam bath.
During the steam infusion you will receive an organic herbal steam treatment which will deeply heat your body and will help reduce the symptoms of a cold, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, and related diseases, as well as aid in weight loss and cellulite reduction.

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  1. General Evaluation and Consultation consists of a VISIA Complexion Analysis and Full Body DEXA Composition Test.

  2. VISIA Analysis Scan captures key visual information of your skin, measure your skin pigmentation, pore size,  UV spots, photo damage, texture and wrinkles.

  3. Our Full Body Composition Scan reveals important information regarding body composition, fat, muscle mass, and bone density. 

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“I have been a client of Aria MediSpa for four years and have loved all of the services I have had which include facials, massages, permanent make up and body scrubs. It is a beautiful spa and Valeria and Jacob, the owners, are very nice. The staff is very skilled.”

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