Senior Citizen Day Spa!

Senior Citizen Day Spa $65 ($125 value). Every Wednesday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm

A day at the Aria MediSPA can greatly benefit a senior citizen’s physical health and well-being. Medical Spa treatments that we offer focus on basic maintenance to pain relief, stress management and relaxation.  Our massages are adjusted to take into consideration any physical limitations or ailments. While spa sessions can improve muscle stiffness and soreness, joint stiffness from arthritis and flexibility.  Here are a few our medical spa treatments that would suit the needs and limitations of many seniors:
Organic Customized Facials
Our organic customized facials design to address a multitude of skin conditions that may affect the elderly face. Older skin is more delicate and dry, and a soothing facial can help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, while providing much need hydration.
Aromatherapy and Swedish massages.
Our calming Aromatherapy and Swedish massages uses long, gentle strokes and circular, kneading motions to improve circulation and reduce tension in tired muscles and relieve arthritis symptoms.
We used only organic products produced from fruits, and some vegetables, which is prevent any allergy reaction.
We offer a great discount for senior citizens, so be sure to shop around before committing to a location.
Aria MediSpa are not just for the young, but for the young-at-heart as well.  Our treatments are safe not only for the elderly, but for nearly anyone that requires specific needs.

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