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Day Spa | Massage Therapy | Sterling VA | Reston VAAre you constantly feeling the stress of your job when you get home from work every night and even upon waking up every morning? Do the sports you love feel as if they are truly taking a toll on your body that doesn’t seem to fade despite your best efforts? Our bodies can take untold amounts of punishment from our daily lives, whether you spend your days on the field or sitting behind a desk staring at a computer monitor, but your body needs care that cannot be found in your medicine cabinet. For true pain relief that gets to the source of your aches and pains, book a sports or Swedish massage with our local Sterling massage therapist at Aria MediSpa.

Not all massage therapists are equal and each service they offer has its own specialized treatment areas. For those who are suffering from sharp pains that never seem to desist even after other forms of treatment, deep tissue massages such as Sports and Swedish massage from your local Sterling massage therapist get to the source of your problem by easing your aches and soothing tight muscles. Our therapists utilize a special blend of oils for our personalized Swedish and sports massage therapy sessions to help penetrate deep into your aching body to provide the relief you need from mental and physical pain alike.

You can find the relief you need to live a healthier and more stress-free life with sports and Swedish massages from our Sterling massage therapists. Our therapists at the Aria MediSpa are comparably priced at only $120 for a sixty-minute session, and $150 for a ninety-minute appointment. With just one visit to the Aria Medi Spa for sports and Swedish massage therapy you will truly feel a difference in your body.


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